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No description

Eili Adams

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Egypt

Egypt Some people in egypt are muslim. Witch is a religion, where women do not show there hair in public areas, Also sometimes they do cover there bottem half of there face. The men in Egypt life expectancy is 68 and the womens is 72.
The men and boys job is to protect the women in there care, witch maybe a brother taking care of a sister. A older brother protects there younger sister and sometimes goes into public with them too.
Moms and dads ofen play a role in there childs life. Like picking a husband or wife for there child. There poplation is 83.1 million. There official language is Arbic. People in Egypt leave food on there plate at friends or out to eat as a sign of abundance. They also like make expensive foods too. Egypt has free education! This is so that rich and poor people can all have education, also all have jobs. But have short numbers in supply. It is very hard for men who have gone to school get a job out of the government.
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