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bridget shurdut

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Save It For A Rainy Day You can choose from a verity of different jackets and shirts Business relationships are personal relationships.You may be asked to do favors for colleagues.Your colleagues expect you to ask them favors in return
Appointments should be made 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Reconfirm a few days prior to the meeting
Send an agenda in advance of the meeting so everyone is prepared Globalization Project Save It For a Rainy Day has been made
in the Philippines. The Philippines have a population of 105,720,644 people. The large population has many benefits... Continued American executive training The important aspects of the business world in this country. Save it for a rainy day is water proof clothing By Bridget Shurdut One benefit is it gives my company a large work force. Since 34.3% of the country's population is 25-54
The country also has a population growth rate of 1.873% so they have established a future work force
The amount of people below the poverty line is 26.5%. Many people need jobs to provide for themselves and others the Philippines produces the minerals needed to create this product like cobalt and nickle

High unemployment rate (6.9%) these workers need jobs that Save It For A Rainy Day can provide

Jobs are needed to raise the GDP per Capita which is $4,300

Jobs help people have better living standards More reasons why the Philippines is the right place for Save it For A Rainy Day Locating the business in the Philippines can help the American multinational corporation
It makes the Save It For A Rainy Day products cheaper
It can provide jobs American Executive Training If someone is publicly embarrassed they feel shame. Initial greetings are formal and you are meant to greet the eldest or most important person first.Handshakes and welcoming smiles are the standard greetings.Use academic or professional names when you address someone until you are invited to call them by another name Filipinos believe they must live up to the accepted standards of behavior and if they fail to do so they bring shame not only on themselves but also on their family,Hiya is called shame. Family is the center of the social structure most families consist of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins,and even the honorary relations like godparents, sponsors, and family friends.People get strength from their family It is common for members of the same family to work together.Most collective bargaining agreements say that preferential hiring will be given to family members.
Appearances matter and you will be judged on how you look important aspects of the business
world in this country. Your business clothes should be conservative.Men wear dark suits. A woman’s attire consists of conservative suits, skirts and blouses, or dresses
You should offer your business card first. Your business card should include your title.Present and receive business cards with two hands
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