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Consumer Behavior in Kuwait

No description

Latifah AlS

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Consumer Behavior in Kuwait

Consumer Behavior in Kuwait
6 stages of consumer buying process
1. Problem recognition
2. Information searches
3. Evaluation of alternatives
4. Make the purchase decision
5. Purchase
6. Post- purchase evaluation

Factors affecting consumer behavior - cultural and environmental factors, sub- cultures, social classes, and cultural trends, personal factors such as age and way of life, Purchasing power is a major influence in purchase, so is lifestyle and perception.

Consumers in Kuwait consider quality, price, consumer preference and marketing strategies in the process of purchasing the product

What is consumer behavior?

Latifah Al Shaya
Lojain Al Falah
Reem Al Tuwaijri
Niszirin Khader

4 P’s in the market mix.

Impulse purchases VS routine purchase

Limited decision-making VS extensive decision-making

Internet based

Subscription plans are set up to keep customers up to date. Also, e-commerce provides consumers with more choice for everyday needs and allow in niche brands.

Lifestyle is how people are segmented into groups based on opinions, attitudes, and activities and how one spends time and money (Tim Friesner.)

Final decision making process it is basically based on ones belief and feeling towards the product and decides on buying the product or not.

We come across marketing in our everyday lives. It is very important to know the needs vs. wants of customers and how to satisfy them. Hence, we study consumer behavior to understand customers and build long lasting relationships and loyal customers.

Distributed 300 observations

Conducted 3 surveys:

1. Different types of products
2. Price
3. Advertisement

Five questions that were asked towards the end of the first survey were choices that were ranking scales.

One was considered the least favorite choice and five was considered the most agreeable choice.

Distributed 300 observations

Conducted 3 surveys:

1. Different types of products

2. Price

3. Advertisement

The price aspect discusses how consumers in Kuwait consider price when it comes to purchasing a product

Few people do not study price, while the majority reflect on price before purchasing, and some people find price the determining factor.

This proves that not all Kuwaiti consumers are big spenders that do not look at the price tag when buying a good or service.

Distributed 300 observations

Conducted 3 surveys:

1. Different types of products

2. Price

3. Advertisement

This part of the survey discussed the relationship between marketing strategies and consumer behavior.


In the final analysis, results from our research proved that the people live in Kuwait consider price, quality, consumer preferences and marketing strategies in the process of purchasing the product.

As the three surveys we distributed in Kuwait that focused on the types of products consumers use, prices, and advertising each resulted in a similar outcome. For each three surveys we distributed the age and gender were almost the same percentages, only a slight difference in each.

In fact, to do marketing in Kuwait there are a few laws that are clearly stated for doing business in Kuwait and should be followed. In addition, religion has a huge role in Kuwait and marketing. “Differences in religious affiliations manage to influence the way people live, the choices they make, what they eat and whom they associate with” (Khraim 1).
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