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How Canada Treated Its Minorities

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Deandre Miller

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of How Canada Treated Its Minorities

How Canada Treated Its Minorities
Treatment Of The French
In Canada, the French people, their culture, language, and opinions were highly disregarded by the English speakers of Canada, The English felt that the French were forcing their languages and culture on to them so they felt they had to do the same in defense. French people also had no voice in the governments so they started to feel like they were being controlled by the English. Because most of the business owners were French majority of the government was English, when the French could not pay or thought that the taxes were too much, they blamed the English for trying to put them in debt
Canadian Governments Justification /motivation for French
The English speakers of Canada were very protective of their culture as well as the French, and was very prejudice towards the French people most likely because they felt more superior then the French considering that they were mostly all richer then the French but took up a quarter of the population in lower Canada. The English also acted like this because they knew that if the French took action, they would be accused of crimes
Legacy Of Treatment For The French
Because of the treatment of the French people in Canada, even now there are many people that want Quebec to be independent from the rest of Canada. This is because Quebec is already so isolated from the rest of the world because of the mistrust they still have and because they are scared people will still try and attack their culture
Treatment Of The First Nations
The treatment of the First Nations was extremely bad, they had to deal with getting their land taken away, getting put into reserves with no clear way to farm. Even when they farmed they were lied to and not allowed to sell anything they made. This enabled the government to sell parts of the reserve land to new settlers. The Canadian Government even took the First Nations kids away from their families and put them is residential schools where they were abused both sexually and physically to be washed of their native culture and identity
Canadian Governments Justification / Motivation for First Nations
Much like the French. The First Nations were treated like they were not as good as the English and more like dumb children. The government took advantage of the fact that the First Nations did not have a full understanding of politics, land ownership, and money to con them out and make their lives miserable beyond belief. They government even thought they could change the whole native population by destroying their culture starting at the children
Legacy Of Treatment For The First Nations
Nowadays , many First Nations still live in reserves. Some of these reserves being fairly nice, but many lacking some resources and being extremely run down. Many First Nations still have a lot of mistrust towards the government and even go as far as accusing them of genocide for the way they were treated , especially the kids. Some First Nations now are living in poverty because of the racism and prejudice that still remains
Treatment Of Asian People
Asian people were treated pretty bad. From having to deal with unacceptable living conditions , to having to deal with some of the worst racism , discrimination and prejudice seen in Canada. Many of the Asians had a very hard time earning money and becoming successful in Canada but Europeans and Americans did not and were more widely accepted then the Asians because they were very similar to the British. This resulted in the Asians getting underpaid and had to rework old European claims to get a decent amount of gold to earn any money

Canadian Governments Justification/Motivation
The government treated the Asian people and culture badly because they knew they didn't have the resources or money to leave because they had already barely survived the long, dangerous and extremely expensive journeys that it took to get into Canada. Canada was advertised by the government as a very diverse and accepting place but in reality not everyone in the Canadian society wanted them in Canada,and even going as far as to creating bills to get them all removed from Canada
Legacy Of Treatment For The Asian People
Asian people and culture are now respected a lot more then they were, the government has even payed out redress to the families of people who had to pay head taxes during their immigration.Although there is still some racism and prejudice against asian people and culture. It does not even come close to what it once was with many Asian businesses thriving, even in Surrey
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