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And everything about me!

Stoney Murphy

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Me

My life And a few things about it A few things I have done Favorites If... If I was stranded on a deserted island, and could choose three things to have with me (not a boat) would be... If an alien landed in my back yard and wanted to take one thing Friends, Dora (because she is prepared) and fresh water. I would give him some bacon for friendship. Favorite book? "The name of this book is secret." That's the real name. My favorite TV show is
Pokemon Don't judge me!!! National Vegetable? Carrots!! My favorite song is
Hot Air Balloon By owl city I have met No famous person ever And wouldn't know enough about someone to make up a story I have visited the city of Chicago. Favorite city ever! My favorite thing I have ever done was riding a roller-coaster for the first time. It was fast and fun. Because it is a feel good song. If I could watch any historical event.. It would be a personal event If I could have 3 wishes I would wish for, world peace, the ability to stop time with someone, and no hunger. If I could trade places with anyone.. Chloe Schnaible My most unfavorite animal is.. A hog. Not a pig. A wild hog. My favorite comedian is Brian Regan. He is really funny. I am good at... I'm sorry, but that isn't a valid question. Let's try, What am I not good at. :) The worst movie I have ever seen was the Hunger Games. The book was great though My favorite possession is.. That's secret. The wisest thing every said... Put off today what you can do tomorrow. I'm interested in... Medical science. If my house were on fire.. I would rescue my favorite possession, my cd made for me, and my 3ds. My phone would be with me already. My favorite vacation was... Chicago!!! It is sooo cool. If I could do anything.. Ya... That's private.. The animal that fits me is a cat. I'm lazy... I would be Harry Potter because he doesn't die. If I created a reality Tv show it would be.. About a straight world.. If I could be an Athlete for a day.. Micheal Young. My color that I am is.. Purple. Dark and mysterious. I would invent... A colored candy bar. That's It This is me Because it would sell like hot cakes.
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