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NASA Spinoffs

A description of 3 of NASA's more famous spinoffs

Laura Liu

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of NASA Spinoffs

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Laura Liu
Period 9
Science NASA Spinoffs Self Illuminating Materials LUNAplast filters were created by NASA to use as lights in spacecrafts so as not to use extra energy. This self-powering material was issued in 2003. Luna Technologies continues to manufacture this product line. LUNAplast illuminates by the use of gaseous tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Without any electricity, or maintenence, or even a power connection, this material can iluminate the whole room. Crash Analysis or Motion Tracking System The motion tracking system was created by NASA in order to help with the production of satellites and rockets. Integrated Sensors, INC (ISI) developed these systems in 1994. Motion tracking will allow any unmanned spacecraft to automatically dock with Earth-orbiting satellites. The ISI sensor will sense the satellite's motion and spin so the vehicle will change its motions to the same as the satellite, to allow precision docking. Temper Foam Temper foam was created by NASA for NASA aircraft seats. Temper foam is fabricated by Expanded Rubber & Plastics Corporation. It provides better impact protection for anyone or anything. It was issued in 1981. It is basically rubber foam. It is so soft because it is made of open cell polyurethane-silicon plastic. This plastic allows weight to be evenly distributed. It is also called memory foam because it stays in the position of the pressure and returns to its original shape after the pressure is released. More Info LUNAplast as a material is environment friendly, and available in rigid plastic to flexible rolls. It is fire and weather resistant. Today we use it everywhere from exit signs, the most common use, emergency signs, directional markers, and international safety markers. More Info ISI continues manufacturing motion tracking systems today for use in human limb motion analysis and robotic assembly line position analysis. Motion tracking systems are used in auto crash dummy motion analysis of automobile accident testing. It works by allowing precise data collection of crash parameters for use by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in rating vehicle safety. More Info In its use today temper foam provides more impact protection and comfort for airplane passengers. It is also used in mattresses, pillows, seat cushions, shock absorbers, transportation vehicles, artificial limb socket lining, finger splint, hand padding for burn patients, dental chairs, furniture, and athletic equipment. My personal projected use are for covers and cases for iPads, iPhones, and computer laptops to prevent cracking the screen. Illuminating Chart A wheel chair
made of temper foam A motorcycle made of it A microscopic image of Temper Foam Lets zoom in on Earth Where a rocket launch is taking place. You are on this rocket. As you are zooming through space, you might think how your mattress is so soft, Or how that exit sign lights up Or maybe even how your car has such safe airbags. Now you are going to the place where all of these happened and more, space Now back on Earth, a question How do crash analysis' move themselves and the car? References References
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