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Week 11

Social Institutions, Family

Brianna Sepulveda

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Week 11

Week 11
A social institution is a
What are they?
Traditional definition:
Family is Normally Atypical
History of Family Forms in America
Pre-industiral families:
strong kinship networks
extended family
Single Mothers families are likely impoverished

Why do they stay poor?
Social Institutions
Family and Inequalities
I. Social Institutions

II. Family

III. Family and

and are reproduced over time.
perform a social role,
They are interdependent,
of groups and/or organizations.
complex network
Social Institutions in America
but we all influence them
it exists without you,
an influence on your life
instruction for your behavior
structure for your interactions
but you influence family structure too
family gives...
family is...
family is...
people related by blood, marriage, adoption
two or more persons sharing a household who are related by blood marriage or adoption
two or more persons related by birth, marriage, adoption or choice
US Census:
Industrial families:
private families
consumer units
gendered roles
Post-WWII families:

idealized nuclear family
father breadwinner
mother homemaker
ideal is not typical
Marrying someone outside your social status
Civil Unions:
legally recognized unions explicitly intended to mimic the rights and benefits of marriage
more than one romantic partner at one time
polyandry: multiple husbands
polygyny: multiple wives
Marrying someone of similar social status
Limit romantic partners to one at a time
a romantically involved couple living together, no legal or religious sanctions
Miscengenation Laws repealed in 1967
interracial marriage is legal now
current divorce policy allows either party to file
Which one of these terms is completely new?
Is it normal for a family to fall into these categories?
between siblings
between husband and wife
Where does the most family violence occur?
53% of families report some sibling violence:
hit, kick, slap, punch, verbal abuse, attack with objects
Heterosexual marriage and parents
No family violence
Family Violence:
upper class
lower class
Cult of Domesticity:
Arose during Industrial Era
Women's work = domestic
spending family money
woman embody housewife
emotionally nurture children
create warm home
women innately better at domesticity
A belief that has not stood the test of time
The family is the site for social reproduction of gender roles
17 minutes
African American communities tend to have expanded notions of kinship, including even non-blood relatives.
More racial oppression and poverty
come from expectation to achieve ideal family type
strong family and community ties
low divorce rates
high marriage rates
devout Catholicism
adherence to traditional gender roles
Latinos cannot be generalized
Some trends within latino have been documented (in comparison to whites):
(Greater differences than similarities in culture)
These mothers pull a third shift: mother, house keeper, breadwinner
difficult to attain college
consequently work does not pay a living wage.
Most single mothers are young and have limited education
Most middle class families require two incomes
The Second Shift
Women's work: chores
unpaid manual labor
completed after the paid workday is done
men complete
Daughters socialized to be like mommy
All men do less housework (employed or unemployed)
Sons socialized to be like daddy
Women expected to be domestic homemakers
Popular assumption that African American mothers are not good at mothering...
this is ethnocentric, why?
Realize: the domestic woman ideal fits only middle class and wealthy families
largely includes whites
excludes blacks
African American mothers of low income need to earn income
can't rely on men
" is
reality: traditional
one income isn't enough
African American women have important role in providing for needs in domestic
and public
sphere for family
High rates of birth to unwed Latina mothers
52.5% of all Latino infants are born to single mothers
Young single mothers result
Catholic religion disallows abortion
Family discourages sex talks
American culture promotes pre-marital sex
AND limits access to contraceptives
AND has poor sexual education
28.6% Caucasian Americans
72.3% African American
Lesbian and Gay Couples
Domestic Partnership
legal union for LGBT coules, provides only some marriage rights
Federal government does not recognize state-legalized marriages
Blended Families
two families now integrated: stepmom, stepdad, step siblings, mom's boyfriend/girlfriend, dad's girlfriend/boyfriend
Extra credit:
work on facebook or blog
comment on articles you read
request more/less content
ask for clarification
contribute new content
OU Get Smarts participation
What about men?
New research hasn't been proven valid, reliable, or generalizable (yet!)
Women's work is traditionally undervalued in society ($112,000)
research not likely to stop studying this issue until it disappears
Research on the family traditionally centers on women/mothers
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