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Ancient Vs. Modern Medicine

A brief comparison of medicine and its uses through the ages.

Evan Rowland

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Vs. Modern Medicine

Evan Rowland Greek and Roman Vs. Modern West
Medical Practices When you think of the ancient world
what is the first thing that comes
to mind? SO when we think about it... Philosophy?


^ewww yuck
When the Roman and Greek people got together to save lives how do you think they did it?

1. Home Remedies
The people of this time were very resourceful in that they picked various plants that to them had healing powers and created ointments to cure burns all the way up to anxiety problems.
Back in the day When the going got tough the Greeks and Romans had the necessary tools to get in and cure the pains. Although they did usually end up removing body parts that were needed they never looked at the outcome as a failure. Maybe this was due to the fact that to become a doctor in these times one must simply have "some" knowledge of medicine or have inside tricks passed down from family members. At this time there were a lot of quacks who fooled people into purchasing magical concoctions that could heal all. A load of crap that was. The Greeks and Romans both contributed to the medicine we have today and all the mistakes they made helped us to realize what to do today. Tools to get the Job Done To compare the practices then to the ones now would be unfair and simply impossible. With time comes knowledge and this day in age all you hear about is medicine and the lengthening of human life. Back in the ancient world the life expectancy was nearly 50 years of age for adults and children were lucky to live to their second birthday. This was all due to the fact that, yes these men knew so much about the world and life back then, but when it came down to medicine they were so primitive that infection was usually the number one killer. Something that could be easily prevented seemed to slip right past them. We do however owe them a lot of credit in my opinion because without their input we would not be where we are today. Not just with medicine but with everyday life we should constantly be reminded that nearly everything we do in some way has been in direct result of their findings and their superior knowledge.
Our practices will continue to change as did theirs but the main difference between them and us is simple, time. We have all our lives to cure cancer and replace hearts, things they would have never dreamed of doing. It is simple in the sense that without them we would be in the dark still cutting into people with rusty scalpels and letting infections get the best of people. I believe we owe a huge thank you to the Ancient Greek and Romans HIP HIP HORAH! Ancient to Now Yes, the men and woman of that time were uninformed but they made the best of a dull
situation and from now on when we think
about the Ancient Greeks and Romans the first
thing that should come to mind is... All these things were created and perfected by these scholars, but what about medicine?... 2. Mind and Spirit Healing
The Greeks thought that sickness was both psychic and physical. Listening to music and dreaming while staying in temples of worship were common practices to heal both body and mind I don't know about you but I would not like any of those "instruments" near any of my internal body parts!!!!!!!! MEDICINE!
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