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klara olofsson kullberg

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of COMICS

What is a comic?
A comic is an art form where the story consists of a mix between text and image. In a comic, the comic- strip artist want to tell as much as possible through images. Therefore, actions, body language and emotional expression become very important components.

Well, that depends on what kind of comic you want to work with. We will focus on the humorous comic but you can work with for example Manga.

A good starting point is to use things that we all recognize and are familiar with.

Use everyday life as a source for inspiration!
What should a comic be about?
There are different kinds of comics:
Short humorous comics (often shown in news papers)
Longer stories, often about heroes of some sort (like the Superman, the Spiderman etc.)
Manga, science fiction, fantasy etc.

You need an idea for the story. Make a mind-map!

When you have got an idea, write it down and make a story board, which is like a drawn script. Don´t spend to much time on the drawing, this is just a sketch - at this stage you can use
stick figures.

Make your storyboard
on copy paper.
We read from left to right!
Practice drawing different facial expressions, postures, and situations for each character.
Use different speech bubbles depending on the situation.
Is he/she/it an animal? Object? Human?
What is he/she/it called?
What is typical for the characters appearance? (red hat, big nose, big feet, long black hair)
How does your character look?
Facial expressions?
Body language?
Clothes ?
How can we recognize the character from different angles?
Create your own character
When you have finished your storyboard and know how you want to present your story I want you to use a quality paper and draw your final comic on that.
Start with graphite and finish with ink, then erase all traces of the graphite (and if you want - use color).
Name and titel

Panels can vary in size and form. Decide how you want this when you plan your comic.

The space between the panels should be the same.
Make sure that you present your comic with the name of the comic-strip artist (you) and the title of the comic. You can do this in the first panel or place the name of the comic over the panels.
Så varför gör vi det här?
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