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Samuel De Champlain

No description

senna cushing

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Samuel De Champlain

Who is Samuel De Champlain?
Samuel De Champlain
Name: Samuel De Champlain
Occupation: Explorer, Diploment
Birthday: July 3 1567
Birth place: Brouage, province of Saintonge, France
Death Date: Decamber 25 1635
Death place: Quebec Canada
Champlain was the first European to explore and describe the great lakes, and published maps of his journey's and accounts of what he learned from the Natives and the French living among the Natives.
Samuel's Importance
Samuel was sent by king Henri the IV to find fur trade routes. Samuel was a cartographer and explorer. Before Samuel Cartier was sent a century before to find riches for France and a route to the Orient but died and didnt complete his mission so Samuel was then sent out to complete it.
A century before...
While Samuel was on his voyages he became friendly with the Algonquin and the Huron Indies because they were both good traders.
Samuel had pretty much completed all of his orders from the king so he decided to build a colony on Saint-croix river on a small island which is now Quebec. Sadly he died before he got to see his colony fully built.
After the voyages
Samuel was married to twelve year old Helene Boulle and they didn't have any children. Instead they adopted three girls; Charity, Faith and Hope on December 27 1610
Samuel was born into a family of mariners, Champlain while still a young man he began exploring North America in 1603. He learned navigation from his father (he was a sea captain). He was also a diplomat, explorer, cartographer etc.
Early life
Samuel became the father of new France. It was his new title after his voyages were mostly completed
Thanks for watching!
Samuel De Champlain
Map Of France
Parents: Marguerite Le Roy and Antoine Champlain
And that sums up who Samuel De Champlain is!
By: Senna
*French Navigator
*Founder of Quebec
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