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Poetry Analysis on there is a girl inside

No description

Taylor Anne

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Poetry Analysis on there is a girl inside

Poetry Analysis on There is a Girl Inside
Taylor Ann Edwards

Type of Poem And Rhyme Scheme
Free Verse and no Rhyme Scheme
Literal Meaning of the Poem?
There is girl inside that is a green tree and has patiently waiting for so she can blossom and her lovers will be in shock.
There isn't a obvious setting.
Conflicts in the Poem?
Man Vs Man- She doesn't want to grow old.
Man Vs Nature- nature is where she wants to be reborn.
Types of Imagery
Visual Imagery

" She is a green tree in a forest of kindling."
There is a girl inside by Lucille Clifton
Sound Devices
"She has waited patient as a nun."
Repetition- "She is a green.."
Figures of Speech
Metaphor- "She is a green girl in a used poem."
Simile- " She is as randy as a wolf.''
Personification-"and the woods will be wild the damn wonder of it."
Poet's Language
Casual language
(which is everyday language)
Tone , Tonal Shift and Diction
1st and 2nd stanza- the girl could be considered resilient
3rd and 4th stanza- patiently waiting to become "new" again and for everyone to see.
You're getting older as the days go by.
Significance Of the Title
There is a girl inside shows that there are deeper inner feelings in the character.
Deeper Meaning of the Poem
The poem has a biblical meaning;it's about growing old in body but not in spirit.
"...patient as a nun for the second coming." Second coming as in the second coming of Christ.
There is a girl inside.
She is randy as a wolf.
She will not walk away and leave these bones
to an old woman.

She is a green tree in a forest of kindling.
She is a greeen girl in a used poet.

She has waited patient as a nun
for the second coming,
when she can break through gray hairs
into blossom

and her lovers will harvest
honey and thyme
and the woods will be wild
with the damn wonder of it.
Speaker: Narrator
Audience: The Readers
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