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Active and Passive Voice

No description

Michael Sisk

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Active and Passive Voice

Active and passive voice is simply the way you say or write certain sentences. Active voice is when the subject or the person doing the action is in the front of the sentence. Passive voice is the opposite of active voice. It is when the subject of the sentence receives the action. Passive voice usually has the word by in the sentence as the something (an apple) is have something done to it by the subject. Active voice is when the subject (Bill) is doing something to the apple.
Active Voice
- when the subject of the sentence is performing the action or verb
Active and Passive Voice
By: Michael Sisk, Mason Danielson,
Robert Steponaitis, Justin Mancino

Bill took out the garbage.

Tracy killed the pigeon.

Passive Voice
- when the object of the sentence is having the action or verb done to them by the subject
The man was scolded by Abuubakar.
Story Example
The T.V. was smashed by Falcon.
Demarcus met with a Chinese monk
He met with him for mental strengthening, and to learn the no bones dance
. Before training, Demarcus was a complete train wreck. He was raised on Grove Street, Los Angeles, the meanest most dirtiest cul-de-sac on the west coast, home to the worlds best no bones dancers. There were many gangs, but none as dirty as the Ballas... literally they have never showered. One goal was made by Demarcus. He would beat the Ballas leader... Big Smoke. If anyone could do the no bones dance, it was him.
The Monk, Master Dewusonson, knows all dances known to man, from the sick cat to the wooby-dooby
. Through years of training Demarcus resembles Danielson from Karate Kid but to most bystanders he looked like a freak. And on the day of the battle, the first move Demarcus made, every bone in his body was broken by himse

Active is Stronger
than Passive
Weak verbs are a part of passive, boring sentences. Active voices give the sentence life and good flow.
Active gets the point across.
We Hope You Had A Blast!
Italicized = Active
Underlined = Passive
One goal was made by Demarcus.
every bone in his body was broken by himself.
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