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The Pastures of Heaven

I finished It! love Celina:)

Hannah Loves Chocolate

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of The Pastures of Heaven

-The Pastures of Heaven takes place in Corral de Tierra (Toro Park).
- Unknown Spanish Corporal How The Stories Relate -each have a certain story or struggle that brought them to The Pastures of Heaven
-setting and the appearance of the Munroe's Helen Van Deventer The Pastures of Heaven John Steinbeck published "The Pastures of Heaven" in 1932
wrote the book based on the farm country near his home in Salinas, California
interested in the daily life of people
Farm Country was the subject to his best work By : Angela, Celina, Hannah, Regina, and Zayra Characters Helen Hilda History of Setting Plot Exposition Helen's Dad dies and
then she loses her
husband, Hubert. Rising Action Climax The Deventer's move to The Pastures
of Heaven to start a semi-clean slate. Bert Munroe comes to welcome the Deventer's. "GREAT!" Dr. Phillips tells her
to send Hilda to a psychiatrist. Literary Elements Symbolism Themes & Motifs Irony Mood farming in rural America the importance of landscape human frailties family and marital relationships pessimism sadness angry hopeless Humanity Dr. Phillips Joe Bert Hubert Cook The tour group thought of pleasant thoughts of the settlers. Wealthy Farmers Poor Slaves Native Americans O P I N I O S N "BREATH-TAKING!" "COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!" "LOVED IT!" "I liked it." THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OUR PRESENTATION ON THE PASTURES OF HEAVEN
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