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DWLL 94.7 Mellow Touch

No description

Hazel Rea Cabaya

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of DWLL 94.7 Mellow Touch

Mellow Touch OPERATION HISTORY FEATURES AIR STAFF HISTORY FORMER AIR STAFF is a music FM station owned by FBS Radio Network Inc. in the Philippines.
The station's studio is located at Paragon Plaza, EDSA, City of Mandaluyong. It is a 24 hour operating station, except Holy Week each year will be sign off the air at midnight of Maundy Thursday and resumes at midnight of Easter Sunday. DWLL 94.7 first flapped its wings when it made its official transmission on November 16, 1974.

The station relied entirely on the pre-recorded voice-over of retired former DWBL disc jockey Butch Gonzales to bridge segues between songs.

Butch Gonzales' voice also became the Mello Touch's signature voice, as he softly reminded the loyal listeners of tunes for "a bike ride along boulevard", every hour as the Station ID jingle plays. Mellow Touch's predominantly easy listening format continued, gradually increasing pace and energy with the restoration of democratic rule in 1986,until just over 5 years ago, it started to accommodate on-air jocks and began to play largely pop alternative songs in-between the standards love songs.

Today, to emphasize this shift in programming, it has been changed their station title to just plain Mellow 947 ("ninety-four-seven"). Its programs now generally aim to bring out the mello side of pop-alternative and light rock mucic fans. Branding : Mellow Touch
Slogan : "Sounds Good"
Frequency : 94.7 MHz
Format : Adult Contemporary
Power : 25 kW
Class : Middle Class Andie (Weekends, AK947, 10 am-2 pm ( Sundays), 9 am- noon (Saturdays)
Nina (Weekdays, Office Radio, 10 am-2 pm)
Ingrid (Weekdays, Office Radio &Afternoon Cruise. noon 4pm)
Chloe/Chris (Weekdays, C&C Music Factory, 4-8 pm)
Jaybee (Weekends, Easy Access, 5-8pm)
Kyle (Weekends, AK947, 10 am-2pm (Sundays), 9 am- noon (Saturdays))
Stan (Weekends, The Morning After, 6-9 am (Saturdays), 6-10 am (Sundays)) Mike Enriquez
Ryu (Reuben Uy: now in Theater)
Issa (Issa Perez de Tagle; MYX VJ Search 2010 candidate)
D (still on maternity leave)
Neoli (Neoli Lim)
Guji (Guji Lorenzana)
Maxx (Maxx De Vera)
Tedd Bear (Renzie Baluyut) PROGRAMS The Holy Rosary Everyday 4:30 am -5 am.
The Wake Up Show (The Happiest Show on Radio) with Vince & Tracy - Weekdays 6 am- 10 am.
Office Radio with NIna and Ingrid (It's how your office should sound.) - Weekdays 10 am-2 pm. Monday Starters/ BizTalk
Tuesday Fiber/ The Office List
Office Break Wednesday/ Work Word Wednesday
Just So You Know/ Work It!
Career Talk (Thursday)
Hurray It's Friday/ Foodie Good (Friday) PROGRAMS PROGRAMS Afternoon Cruise - Weekdays 2pm-4 pm
Health Day Monday
Thankful Tuesday
Stage 1 Wednesday
Life Lessons Thursday
Movie Day Friday
C & C Music Factory - Weekdays 4pm - 8pm
Scoop of the Hour
Choosy Tuesday
Desert Island Discs - Wednesday 6pm-7pm
Midweek Melee Thursday
10 Strong - Friday 6-7pm
Movies to Watch - Friday 7-8pm
Famous Birthdays - Last part
Mellow Nights - Weekdays 8pm-midnight Computer with Broadcast Quality Sound Card and Automation Software Audio Amplifier FM Tuner Broadcast Console Telephone Hybrid CD Player Audio Processor Low Pass Filter RF Power Amplifier Intermediate Power Amplifier Exciter Directional Coupler Speaker Headset Microphone Telephone Set Legend:
Audio Frequency
Radio Frequency FM Transmitter ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Antenna
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