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All about doplhins.

Kayla Davies

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Dolphins

By:Kayla What are Dolphins? Living in groups. Where do dolphins live? Dolphins in a school take turns feeding. Like some dolphins stay at the edge while the other dolphins eat some fish, making sure the shoals of fish doesn't break apart and the fish escape. Dolphins the hunt closer to the land often work together to chase fish. Dolphins work together keep the fish trapped in the shallow water while the others eat some fish and then after a little while after they swith. Dolphins may look like fish as
they dive down to catch some (fish)
or as they swim gracefully trough
the water. But they are in fact small toothed whales, like all whales, dolphins are mammals. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals. Like a dolphin has it's own personality. Some dolphins are shy but other are showoffs. Some dolphins are very bright but others are a little slower to learn. Other dolphins may do things in their own, but dolphins are social animals that spend most of their time in groups. A group of dolphins is usually called a school of dolphins or a pod. Dolphins may spend some time in small groups with 5 or 6 other dolphins from their school. Later these small groups get together to feed their babies or travel. Dolphins live in all the oceans around the world, from the cold waters near the North and South Poles, to the warm tropical waters. The New Zealand dolphin, as it's name suggests, is found only in the waters around New Zealand. Other dolphins, such as the bottle-nosed, are in most of the world's oceans. Some species of dolphins live in water close to land. Like the five species of river dolphins lives only in particular river. Many dolphins live in different places at different times of the year. In the summer, southern right whale dolphins live in the waters around Antarctica. In the winter, they move farther north, following the shoals of fish they like to eat. All dolphins eat meat. Most dolphins eat fish and squid, although dolphins do eat different kinds of food, depending on where they live. some dolphins eat a variety of food, and others only eat 1 kind. Some dolphins, such as the Pacific white sided dolphin, usually eat fish that live in large shoals. Working together. Dolphins have smooth, shiny skin and their body is shaped like a fish or a whale. most dolphins have a tail fin and a large, curved fin in the middle of the backs. Dolphins also have 2 flippers, one each side of their body. Dolphins have a long beak. Inside of a dolphin's beak there can be up to 200 small teeth. Dolphins can be black, grey, pink, or a mix of colors. Dolphins What do dolphins eat? How long can dolphins stay underwater? Some dolphins can stay underwater for about 10 minutes. Then they have to came back up to the surface to breathe though their blowhole. When dolphins swim underwater, they have to hold their breath. Like if a dolphins dive down to get some food, a little flap of skin covers the blowhole and that stops the water from getting into their lungs. Do dolphins talk to each other? When dolphins hunt in teams, they have to communicate to keep in touch with each other. They also communicate to warn other dolphins of danger or to tell each other that food is nearby. Dolphins communicate by using sounds. Like dolphins make different kinds of sounds to communicate. Dolphins may make a kind of barking sound when they are angry, or squeak when they are playful. What dangers do dolphins schools face? Killer whales and some kinds of sharks are only wild animals that hunt and eat dolphins. Even if dolphins are not killed when a shark or killer whale tries to catch them, they may die later from the cuts these predators can give them. The main reason that dolphins live in schools is that if a dolphin is attacked, the school works together to protect him or her. For example, if a shark moves in on a dolphin, the other dolphins in it's school form a circle and work together to ram into the shark until it leaves. Even then the Great White Sharks and the Killer Whales are far less likely to attack dolphins when they are in large schools. Do people harm dolphins? People are a dolphin's biggest danger. Like many fishing boats use huge nets that trap other anmals, along with sharks and dolphins they are meant to catch when they come up to the surface to breathe. Many people prefer to buy tuna with a " dolphin-friendly" label, which means the fish was caught on long lines and hooks to get them to come for it and then trap them inside the net. That is just somethings about dolphins but thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy it.
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