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Marketing Plan: "Beats" by Dr. Dre

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Ivan Wambe

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Plan: "Beats" by Dr. Dre

Marketing Plan: "Beats by Dr. Dre"
"The 4 Ps"
Price: from "Beats Pill XL" and "Beats Solo Wireless": ($299) to the "Urbeats SE" ($99.95), takes about $14 to manufacture them.
Placement: Wholesalers (Beats manufacturers)
+Online Websites ( Beats website, Amazon, retail stores’ websites etc.)
+Retail stores (Best Buy, Apple Store etc.)
Promotion: Beats typically recruits athletes, musicians, etc. celebrities to assist in advertising their product. They should portray “everyday” people in their advertisements: moms, students, etc.
Product: Beats Electrocics.
Media Ads
TV ad: Everyday person appealing (instead of athletes and celebrities endorsing)
Billboard/Bus Wrap: Bus Wrap to make the bus look like a speaker.
Print Ad: “This is your brain listening to music, this is your brain listening to music with Beats” (PSA parody)
Radio spot: Pandora or Spotify “Like what you're listening to? Well, you will like it even better with Beats headphones” .
Media Plans
Traditional Media Plan: Try to appeal more to everyday people. In current advertisements most users shown is either a celebrity or a professional athlete. Showcase how the everyday person would be able to benefit from the use of beats products.
Social Media Plan: Currently using the “Solo Selfie”.
Measurement and Evaluation: Current selling points are very successful being able to sell certain items upwards of $400. Profit margins are good. Current advertising and endorsements are also successful with many athletes and celebrities helping in advertising and endorsements.
Sales Promotion Plan:
+$20 coupon on next purchase after buying a product for more than $100.
+15% discount for students.

copy and paste as needed to add notes to your brainstorm
Marketing Proposal & Recommendations
Make beats music more accessible to everyone by making it free and include more music.
Satisfy societal aspect by launching eco-friendly campaign.
Holiday promotions!
***Recommendations: Venturing further into electronics business (television, microphones); Intercoms in hospitals, airports, schools. Holiday promotions (for example, Valentine’s Day: Beats for him, Beats for her sale.

Overview of Company
Target Market
Who buys Beats Headphones?
*Young adults interested in music specifically the hip hop and or rap genres. People who are more interested in having a good looking pair of headphones vs. high quality sound. People interested in fashion and want fashionable headphones.
Demographic: (ages 16-28, largely male, urban, $45,000-$60,000)
Sports, athletics, hip-hop influence, into fashion and more luxurious items.
They should continue to go after a more diverse target market such as more women and older people
Behavior Profile: Used about 1-3 hours. People buy these headphones and spend more money in order to get better sound quality. Therefore they will be more likely to use these headphones for longer periods per day.

By Ivan Wambe, Johnathan Brown & Shinichi Gupta
"Beats Electronics" was founded in 2006 by music-industry professionals Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Creating mainly audio-oriented products, the company has had many notable releases including the "Beats Pill" speakers and "Beats Studio" headphones. "Beats Electronics" is also known for its high-end product and accounts for approximately 64% of headphones sold above $100 in the United States. As of 2014, the company was purchased by Apple Inc.
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