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Health Triangle

No description

Samantha Cool

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Health Triangle

Health Triangle
By: Samantha Cool

What is a Health Triangle?
Has your social health been declining, but your mental and physical health are perfectly fine? This is an example of an unbalanced Health Triangle. A Health Triangle measures an individual's physical, mental, and social health.
Physical Health
Physical health is one of the three important components of a Health Triangle. Physical health is defined by a person's sleep and eating habits, as well as the amount of exercise they get and their oral hygiene. You may have excellent physical health, but poor mental and social health. Drug, alcohol and smoking habits also affect physical health.
Mental Health
Mental health is the second component of a Health Triangle. Mental health is defined and evaluated by our ability to handle the stresses of daily life and maintain a generally cheerful and optimistic attitude about life. In looking at a person's mental health, we need to consider their relationships with friends and family. Some people also include learning abilities when evaluating mental health.
The last component of the Health Triangle is social health. It pertains to the ability to form positive and supportive relationships with peers. Lack of friends can lead to depression, which can cause physical health-related symptoms. In contrast, a person with a strong network of friends will always have people they can turn to.
Balanced Triangle
All three sides of the Health Triangle are dependent on each other. For example the highly social person who stays out partying all night might not be getting enough sleep. If she is also drinking, taking drugs and smoking, her physical health, and perhaps mental health, will be compromised. Because all sides of this type of triangle are equal, it stresses the equal importance of each of these aspects. In fact, devoting more attention to one particular side, while neglecting the others, can lead to health imbalances.
Social Health
The following is a video showing an overview of the Health Triangle
In Conclusion
You can look at the different sides of the Health Triangle and use it as a means of evaluating, and possibly changing, your health habits. For example, if your physical health is good, but your social health is less than adequate, consider joining a fitness center and meeting new gym buddies. The Health Triangle will help you live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
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