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Trail Decision 3- Mrs. Cardarella's 5th Grade GT Class

This is a project my GT class is doing a project on the Oregon Trail and this is part of it. It does not give any facts you will need to know. Thank you!

Caitlin Waugh

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Trail Decision 3- Mrs. Cardarella's 5th Grade GT Class

Trail Decision 3 -A Project for Mrs. Cardarella's 5th Grade GT Class ACTION ONE: ACTION TWO ACTION THREE ACTION FOUR Massacre Canyons You decide that time is a huge issue and that you must take the shortest trail to Oregon... even if it's rumored to be very dangerous. I think that this isn't the best choice. It is said that if you take this trail, over half your wagon train will die... I don't think that's very appealing. :/ There was a story of a wagon train that took the trail last year. It is said that almost all of the train died and the rest came out very wounded. I don't think that's the best choice. Long Trail You know time is important, but are cautious of the consequences of taking the Massacre Canyon Trail. You decide that the risk is too high if you took the Massacre Canyons, so you take the Long Trail. I don't know about that... people will soon become tired and hungry. I think that after a while, we will become too exhausted, run out of supplies, ect... It's true that people say almost every wagon train that goes that way gets to Oregon completely alive, but still! Not all wagon trains were in the conditions we are in. There are four choices to get to Oregon.

-Massacre Canyons (short trail but very dangerous)

-Long Trail (very long but not too dangerous)

-Salt Flats Trail (mysterious ending)

-Send Scouts Ahead (to choose which way to go.) So... which way should we choose? I'd rather not waste any time on this trail. Salt Flats Trail You decide to take the trail with the mysterious ending that people keep giving you mixed sentiments about. You think that it'd be best if you take a risk for a change. I for one want to see the ending of that trail. I think it'd be exciting and adventurous at the same time. But don't get me wrong. I really think this is the best way to go! I mean... think about it. Many say that it ends at a battlesight, and many say that it's a shortcut to Oregon. That choice gives us a chance to explore a new place! Send Scouts Ahead You choose to send scouts ahead on each trail and have them come back and tell you which way is the most safe. They'd tell you water supply, Indian inhabits, ect.. Uh, no. If the scouts never come back, then how will I know which way is the safest?! It wastes time and men. I don't see how this will benefit in any way. We'll have to wait for the scouts to come back... and they might not at all... First off, we have to wait VERY long for the scouts to come back (if they come back at all, that is). Then, if they come back, it'll be too late to go anywhere. The good weather would have passed by. Second, they may never come back! We'd be stuck there, waiting for them to arrive! After a while, we'd have to turn back. :( Not the best choice if you ask me. Which way will I choose...? Please comment, saying which trail YOU would take! ...And with suggestions, critiques, and/or requests on a prezi you want me to make. Thanks!
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