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Kadisha, Brandon, Kaelum

The Skeletal System

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Transcript of Kadisha, Brandon, Kaelum


Function of the skeletal system
The main function of the skeletal system is to protect and provide support our organs in our body.
disease #1
Arthritis is a disease that causes swelling and pain in people's joints. Arthritis is related to the skeletal system by people's joints not being able to move properly. You get arthritis by being in a certain environment that has a virus; it is not contagious. Signs of arthritis are if your bones don't move properly. There is no cure.
disease #2: osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is weakened bones due to loss of bone density.
Osteoporosis is related to the skeletal system by the bones in our body.
Older people who are generally smaller and have bones that are lighter are more likely to develop osteoporosis.
If you fracture a bone, have a poor diet, smoking and/or drinking too much, and etc. are ways of having osteoporosis.
Ways to not get osteoporosis are: stop smoking and/or drinking, drink lots of milk for strong bones, keep track of diet, sit up straight.
Disease #3
Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. Scoliosis is related to the human body because it has to do with the spine that keeps your back straight. Scoliosis is common with small children that there bones were not developed yet. Ways to know if you have scoliosis is if you have an "S" shaped back. and if you think you have scoliosis go see your doctor.
Major bones in the skeletal system
Fun facts about the skeletal system
the cranium
The main function of the cranium is to protect the brain and other organs in our head
The vertebrate
The main function of the vertebrate is to protect the spinal cord.
The rIBS
The main function of the ribs is to protect your chest organs including your heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and other organs found in the rib cage.
What we learned:
We learned:
THe easiest
The easiest task we've done was looking for the research and information we needed to have.
The most difficult
The most difficult task to finish was this visual aid because we all need to work but it doesn't let us complete it all at the same time.
By: Kadisha, Brandon, Kaelum
By: Kadisha
By: Brandon
Osteoporosis is weakened bones due to loss of bone density.
Scoliosis is a disease in the spine that can hurt your back and make it look like a 'S'
(aka the skull)
(aka the spine)
The skull
The spine
The ribs
Is a disease which when peoples bones and joints don't move properly.
A baby is born with around 300 bones in their body; as you grow, your bones start to join together; then your body as 206 bones.
The smallest bone in our body (the stapes) is the size of a grain of rice.
One out of every twenty people in the world have an extra rib.
Arthritis is a disease that swells the joints up and wont be able to move properly.
Osteoporosis is due to loss of bone density (thickness).
Scoliosis is when your back is a "S" shape.
Osteoporosis =(
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