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Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems theory

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Stephanie Le

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems theory

Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory
- American Psychologist

- Ecological System Theory

-Emphasizes the importance of the many different
environments on a child’s development

-Looks at the affects of the
individual environmental systems and the interrelationships of the systems on a child’s development

Consists of four systems

1) Microsystem

2) Mesosystem

3) Exosystem

4) Macrosystem
-System is comprised of daily face-to-face interactions with the child’s parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and neighbors
- Includes child’s home, school, daycare, neighborhood, and church
-Has an immediate effect on the child

-Example: A parent helping their child with homework after school.
Ecological Systems Theory
Urie Bronfenbrenner
Question #1
Question #2
Question #3

Macrosystem: is the social class, ethnic and cultural customs, governmental laws and policies that surround the activities of children and their families

In some environments, government-supported programs may present children opportunities linked to nutrition, health care and education but in other environments, opportunities may be nonexistent
Chronosystem is composed of all of the experiences that may cause some changes to the environment of child development in regard to other four systems. The impact of changes may last for the rest of children's life.
   Major life transitions;
 Parental divorce, Loss of a family member, Moving to another city or country.
Environment and social changes;
Increase in dual-income family, Decline in average family size..
Historical Events;
 Wars , Natural disasters...

-Includes other people and places that children do not directly interact with, but nevertheless affect their experiences

Includes: Neighbors, legal services, friends of family, parent's workplace, etc.

Anne has been feeding her son whatever snacks he asks for, healthy or not. At her workplace, she hears a discussion among her friends of how they only give their children fruits and vegetables as snacks. In turn, Anne changes the type of snacks, she gives to her son, to healthy ones.
Which of the following does not belong in the Microsystem?
A) Family
B) Health services
C) Friends of family
D) Peers
C. Friends of Family
Which system consists of social class, ethnic,
cultural systems and governmental laws?
A) Macrosystem
B) Chronosystem
C) Exosystem
D) Microsystem
A) Macrosystem
-The interconnections among the child's immediate settings, or microsystems.
-This includes: school, peers, the neighborhood play area, a church group, health services, and family.
-If the relationship between two systems becomes strained, the child can become confused and discouraged.
-Ex: A child is encouraged to read by teachers and parents, if there is no communication between them, the child is less likely to read at home and therefore less likely to do well in school.
An example of an individuals mesosystem.
Two people interpret a situation
differently because of the cultures they
were raised in.
Sam's father gets laid off of work. This means there will be more financial stress on the family. Which ecological system does this demonstrate ?
A) Microsystem
B) Chronosystem
C) Exosystem
D) Mesosystem
C) Exosystem

Example: Children who often need
to move out from one place to another due to their parents job transfers may develop strong communicating and adjusting skill in new environment or feel difficulty to enriching relationship with others.
Effects of Chronosystem in child development
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