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DGMT - Tablets, techies & teaching miracles

Mobiles and reading - October 2012

Mignon Hardie

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of DGMT - Tablets, techies & teaching miracles

Presentation by Mignon Hardie
FunDza Literacy Trust "Tablets, techies and
teaching miracles" Create demand for reading Increase access to content Leverage mobile technology Encourage readers to write Spur viral growth Popularising reading Growing communities of readers Developing young writers Distributing high-interest, exciting books to more than 100 beneficiaries nationwide What we do Our readers Power of fiction The response What we do Our writers Power of agency The response * A new serialised story each week
* Articles and profiles on an ad hoc basis
* New books are being added to "Big Reads" I h8ted gayz n lezbianz bt nw i c thru diff eyz
Im als0 a lesbian & iv bin living in da dark 4 s0 many yrz..
Wow:|..i wsnt expectin this..nana a lesbian?nah i jst dnt lyk hw dis is endin nt tht am against lesbianism..shz nt a bad prson at ali
wish i could read it some more,i also do feel different.
Wat a great story am starting 2 c this issue of gays and lasbians in a diffrent way thanx ppl Mbu tnx bru yor story inspired m….i hv a bad lyf i even tot of commiting suicide bt i jjst read yor story nd i dnt thnk bwt t anymre tnx yor story had held me owt…u r a good guy,brave:)
I cudn’t stop crying u have been through a lot Mbu u are strong guy,lm frm Zim doing parttme jobs in Jozi,wit ur courage l wil make it!
Wow! This is me definately me…and my singing thing ,therez just a little difference between ntombi’s life and my life. Im a bit releaved cuz i got some ideas frm the story.:D "After five months of this book being published, I can proudly say that it's complete. I've learned quite some things about writing and I still want to learn more. Next time when I write a story I'll send an already completed version. I got stuck a lot while writing this book and I couldn't get the right ending. But now I'm glad I continued.

You guys are the best. You understood that my work was complete and that it takes time to write. There was no way I was going to let you down, ever!

Thanks, guys, you are one in a million billion."
- Vhuthu Muavha (via email) "[Y.W.O.M.] YOUNG WRITERS ON MISSION. That's the name of the crew that I've just formed. If anyone wants to be a member they can email me. The crew's policy is to help writers to partner in writing some of the best books and novels, etc."
- Mfundo Ntoni (via email)

"As I said, thanks to you all. I would like to inform you that another is on its way. Its name is: Until we meet again. I hope you will enjoy it and keep posting those comments because they are making me strong and a better writer each day."
- Nthabiseng Paulina Maluleke (comment on Mxit) Wow, is all i can say:’( indoda doesnt cry,bt man dis story is playing with ma feelings,what an author u man. Big up!!!!

Wow im luvn da story, keep it up! Can’t wait 4 da nxt chapter. Wenz it cumn?

Nyc 1 hey bt the waiting 4 anthr chapter kills me

Tjo ths stry z vry interesting n its sgudi isnay n am speechless bt waiting impetiantly 2 see nxt chapter:):D Growing communities of readers Developing young writers www.fundza.mobi
Mxit > Tradepost > Mxit reach > mobiBooks > FunDza Sparking and sustaining
a "Reading Revolution" enforced incentivised informed internalised For change to be real and lasting, the new behaviours must be internalised and form part of the person's identity. Short stories Fiction books Non-fiction Articles/profiles Big Reads 48 7 12 216 4 360,000 9,500 1,800 4,400 active users registered users unique visitors/month registrants Every day... Between 12,000 and 300,000 individual pages are viewed... Between and 4,000 40,000 visitors read on FunDza's Mxit portal 20% of comments are compliments 70% and show engagement * * 7% are questions and 3% criticisms. 4 2 4 Mobi Fanz Beneficiary Write4Life 25 32 26 83 35 183 3 Prose Poetry Plays 221 Best book eva! It made me think of ppl in ma lyf :}. Gat me blushng, cryin n even screamin at ma phne lyk a retard. I learnt a lot 4wm dis book n i could read it over n over if i had a copy of ma own. :} Future Plans 1. Improve user engagement 2. Into the classroom On average: 67 unique visitors per day On average: 400 unique visitors per day
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