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The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

No description

Wil Wooten

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

http://www.google.com/#site=&source=hp&q=great+gatsby&oq=great+g&gs_l=hp.1.0.0l8j0i3j0.5657.8811.0.10022.,or.&bvm=bv.45512109,d.eWU&fp=1&biw=784&bih=771 Sources Nick visits Gatsby’s house last night
Erased vulgar word on doorstep
Imagines the eggs before civilization
Pictures the green light
“Nick envisions their struggles to create that future as boats moving in a body of water against a current that inevitably carries them back into the past.” Summary of Chapter Events Nick refuses to shake Tom’s hand
Tom confesses that he told Wilson
Tom says Gatsby deserved to die
All Characters are from the West
Nick remembers his old past
He feels West is better Summary of Chapter Events Henry Gatz is proud of Jay
Henry shows Nick picture of house
Henry shows Nick Jay’s schedule
Nick gets sick of the East
Nick breaks off relationship with Jordan
Nick encounters Tom before he leaves Summary of Chapter Events By: Wil Wooten Chapter 9 Symbolism
Point of View Literary Devices Schedule:
Gatsby’s want to better himself
Hopalong Cassidy:
Hopalong Cassidy is a real book Chapter Nine Allusions Green Light- Gatsby’s hopes and dreams
The Valley of Ashes- Moral decay
Dr. Eckleburg’s eyes- God staring down Chapter Nine Symbolism Runs away with Daisy
Avoids conflict by fleeing
Admits he told Wilson about car
Main reason Gatsby is dead Tom Buchanan In chapter nine, Gatsby is dead

Daisy is nowhere to be found
Daisy is heartless
Daisy runs away with Tom Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan Narrator of chapter nine
Glad to leave for the West
Ends love connection
Lonely Nick Carraway Nick writes about Gatsby’s death
Nick invites people to Gatsby’s funeral
Nick can not get in touch
Tom and Daisy disappear
Nobody says they're coming to Funeral
Nick, Owl eyes, dad, servants attend Summary of Chapter Events
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