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Using my iPhone

What do I do with my iPhone ... ?

David Hopkins

on 25 January 2010

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Transcript of Using my iPhone

Using my iPhone [ ... this is best viewed full-screen] Right ... where do I begin? Here ... ? So ... to the screens and apps: use the 'more' option below to
make this full screen, then
Use the right-arrow below,
or TAB-key to navigate Yes, "slide to unlock" ... what have we got here then? Games Social Network Educational Comedy / Cartoon Travel Sat Nav Photography Social Media Why did I get an iPhone? Email App Store iTunes / Music Camera Maps and ... ... it looks so damned sexy! Oh yeah ... it's also a phone! I also considered ... Palm / Blackberry / Nokia ... but they weren't quite up to the job WHY NOT? Here are few of the
reasons why not ... It's not all good news though! 18 or 24 month contract Current model will be out of date in 6-9 months Needs charging every 2 days (at least) They're everywhere! Did I miss anything? Account Management Calendar Note / Capture Image Editing Presentations Augmented
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