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Copy of Computer Hardware

No description

Warangkhana Suwannapura

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Computer Hardware

COMPUTER HARDWARE Input Unit Output Unit Keyboard Serial Mouse PS/2 Mouse Track ball Infrared Mouse Joystick Glide point Compact Ultra-Compact SLR-Like DSLR Microphone Scanner Webcam Screen Loudspeaker Dot-matrix printer Ink jet printer thermal printer Laser printer Plotter Main Memory Unit Central Processing Unit Secondary Storage Unit 1.Read Only Memory : Rom 2.Random Access Memory : RAM Tape
-Magnetic Tape Magnetic Disk
-Floppy Disk
-Hard Disk Optical Disk
-Compact Disk Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)
-Write Once Read Many CD (WORM CD)
-Magneto Optical disk (MO)
-Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) Control Unit Execution Unit Thank you for Watch
Good Bye Prepared by
Pattharawadee Palasak M.4/2 No.14
Warangkhana Suwannapura M.4/2 No.15
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