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Work, Life and Everything in Between

Mary Bockstahler

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Trademark

Work, Life, and Everything in Between Trademark Marketing Plan What our readers want: Marketing Plan: Online
presence Main goals for online content:
informal attitude
draw potential readers to purchase the print version of the magazine Marketing Plan:
Promotions What's YOUR TRADEMARK? competition analysis blogs similar to Trademark Mission Statement/
Concept (in a nutshell...) Relatable content. Freebies. Networking. Trademark launch and networking mixer Music. Drinks. Networking. TRADEMARK Magazine samples. Trademark Magazine is for those busy, focused, and put-together young professional women. A Trademark Magazine reader constantly looks for ways to better her everyday life and budding career. "A Trademark reader has her feet firmly planted on the ground, and we want to make sure they stay there." Competition Analysis Continued... Demographics 90% female
10% male
Average age:27
Average HHI: $30,000/yr
88% college educated
35% professional/managerial
40% more than a bachelor's degree
4% married
50% single
46% in a relationship psychographics 78% exercise at least once a week
70% visit a farmer's market at least once a month
95% have a least a bachelor's degree or are in the process of attaining one
65% love thrifting and finding bargains
60% wish they had time for a pet
40% hate eating fast food but do it for convenience
50% rent but aspire to own a home
30% cohabitate
77% want a promotion
46% are in a relationship
10% have had a vacation in the last year
100% dream of vacationing Design Philosophy Professional, clean, straight forward "break outs" to add interest to typically boring subjects, including charts and sidebars
very visual overall
subdued but not boring
serves as a guide for the reader
4-color color scheme So....Why do we need Trademark Magazine? There is nothing quite like it out there.
There are blogs that meet the needs of our readers, but we want to offer these young, professional women something tangible they can hold, and we want to put it all in one place. Other magazines for young women are not exactly what our reader needs, and we are prepared to give that to her. What we're NOT Cover and TOC Inspiration Color scheme Format Inspiration Audience a Trademark reader has a strong sense of self
She is hardworking, busy, focused and mature
She has an interest in the job market as she is always looking to further her career
She is budget conscious
She has a professional lifestyle and strives to keep up a positive reputation
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