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Germany Five Themes Of Geography

No description

Cesar Medina

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Germany Five Themes Of Geography

Germany Five Themes Of Geography
Goods: Volkswagen, Corny(muesli bar)
Bionade, Mercedes-Benz, BMW
What people do there
What it looks like
Germany is divided in 13 Regions.
Human Environment Interaction
North of Germany has more water so trees and plants grow more in the north.
The north is also colder than the south
Germany: Absolute Location, 51.5167*N, 9.9167*E

Germany: General Location, Southeastern Europe
Also, The relative location of Germany is - Germany is bordered by Poland, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
Corny(Muesli Bar)
Population of Germany 2011 Census:
People Move IN Germany Every Year:
−0.19 (2013)
Move Out-0.89 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2013)
Northern German plain, the Central German Uplands, and the Southern German Highlands
German's speak German,Germans fashion is more than just tradition
German labels go for clear lines and casual styles, Germans take pride in their homes, they always keep it neat and tidy
Oktober fest
Shrove Monday
Palm Sunday
Peace festival
an area with similiar characteristics
Reunification day
Thank you
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