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Social Marketing Plan

No description

Paula Nobleza

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Marketing Plan

Social Marketing Plan
Background and Purpose
Executive Summary
Our social marketing campaign: Think before you post: Use the internet wisely. Aims to increase awareness regarding bad repercussions of improper internet usage.
Our audience ranges from teenagers to adults in their early twenties.
Our campaign will take the form of a seminar lasting a few hours.
Our marketing campaign seeks to answer one of the most crucial needs of society today.
Who are we?
We are a group of concerned marketing students
What is our purpose?
Our purpose is to alleviate the dangers caused by social networking sites on children, our peers, and other fellow internet users.
What is our reason?
We believe that most people in our country are not aware of this issue in comparison to other prevalent social issues.
Campaign Purpose
Our social marketing campaign aims to raise awareness regarding cyber discipline and social security.
We will help them realize that the behavior of posting personal information in the internet can be dangerous for them.
One of the legal issues that surround the world of social networking is defamation, or the posting of false or offensive materials online.
Security Concerns
One of the biggest problems anyone on the Internet can encounter is identity theft; which is an issue that runs rampant in a social networking environment.
Social Issues
Online social networks run the risk of creating unexpected conflicts in real life, something that holds true especially among minors.

Minors engaged in social networks are vulnerable to cyber bullying, the act of receiving hostile or threatening messages via online communication; or cyber stalking, using the internet to stalk or harass individuals

Millions of individuals all over the world are victims of their own carelessness by freely posting information such as vacation plans and family photos on social networks and by storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as medical records and financial information on mobile devices. On Facebook, the world’s largest social network, Filipinos represent some 25 million of the reported 750 million users worldwide, putting the Philippines at 7th place in the world just behind highly populous nations like the US, Indonesia and India.
Large market reach
Active community, willing to be institute representatives
Builds relationships, thus forming close networking bonds
Quick information exchange
Media exposure
Ability to garner a large amount of publicity
Consistency: Engaging with an audience at a direct level means more effort in terms of keeping a consistent corporate image.
Making up for mistakes: Smaller time frame to correct errors that affect the audience.
Difficult to balance effort put on social media against obtained results.
Can get burned out from too much publicity in a short period of time.
Acquisition by bigger campaign.
Competitors going after the same space or audience with a similar campaign.
Target audience who aren't interested.
Great opportunity for individuals and organizations to connect and exchange information.
Promotions, news, and events can be offered through social media platforms.
Penetrates more quickly and easily into new geographical markets.
Allows to build for short and long term relationships with prospects.
Quick delivery and enhanced marketing opportunities.
Target Audience
Primary Target audience

13-20 years old
Both males and females
Residing within the Las Piñas area
Uses social networking sites
At least 30 people
Marketing Objectives and Goals
Specific Goals
By the month of March, implement control on social networking usage through a seminar ensuring security and betterment for teenagers and adults alike.
Factors Influencing the Behavior process
Perceived barriers to targeted behavior are:
- Fellow peers/friends
- Significant others
- Fellow internet users
- Family

Main barrier starts within oneself:
- Wanting to show-off
- Talking to random strangers
- Emotional factors
- Expanding circle of friends
Positioning Statement
Think before you post: Use the internet wisely is an internet awareness campaign.

Unlike other campaigns like GMA's think before you click, we will:
We want them to perceive the campaign as:
- Educational
- Informative
- Fun

We want them to perceive the targeted behavior as:
- Easy to adopt
Fully educate the target audience
Have them spread the word to convince other people.

Marketing Mix Strategies
Core product: knowledge people will obtain from our social marketing campaign.

Actual product: Few hours' worth of session.

Augmented product: Entertaining take-home videos.
Small amount of time
Physical effort
Psychological effort
Average size room with access to technical facilities.
Message: Think before you post: Use the internet wisely - aims to raise awareness on cyber discipline and security

Messenger: Social media
Execution strategy: Seminar
Media/Promotional channels:
- Tarpaulin
- Internet
- Public relation

Plan for monitoring and evaluation
Purpose and audience for monitoring and evaluation
Plan for monitoring the campaign
First, identify the target audience, and the advantages and disadvantages of the campaign.
Second, respond candidly to criticism, when the audience criticizes and/or critiques the campaign, we shall be responsive.
Third, demographics. People can change because of gentrification, immigration, hobbies, and/or development. Therefore, we shall adjust the delivery of our message in order to reach our target population.
Fourth, trends and social conditions; as circumstances and trends change, you have to change with them.
The aspects of the campaign to be monitored
• Efficiency, answers the question how well are we using our marketing resources? Are we on time?
• Strategy, answers the question how well does our strategy address the realities of our market place? Are our goals or campaign appropriate for the current situation?
• Effectiveness, answers the question does our campaign reach our target audience? How well does it accomplish its goals?
• Awareness, answers the question is our campaign aware of current issues?

send our message to our target audience
grow our audience

measure their inputs by how responsive they are to the interactive activities
measure the overall output based on the feedback
they will be asked to spread the message
to measure impact, we will keep in touch and monitor their progress online
Social Media / Internet
It’s about enticing people to brag about your business for you. Having a page or account on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube etc. do not require budget in starting a campaign. But in online advertising it can cost big amount for the ad.
2. Public Relation
The campaign will cost 20K for every set-up, in every seminars and hiring of equipment and facilities etc.
3. Promotional strategy
Selling statement shirts or accessories like custom ballers. It will cost at least 15K for products but the money you invest will surely return.
The total expense is P135,000.

To raise the awareness on the risks of careless posting of photos on the internet (especially on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.)

Secure an advertising space (on the internet or on highly populated areas)
Evaluate overall measure (inputs, outputs, impact)
Allocate and utilize resources effectively
Review public performance of the campaign

(Preparation, 1st week)

1. Identify key programs
2. Create an advertising message
3. Utilize time and resources wisely
4. Customer orientation
5. Timely tracking of results

(Deployment, 3rd week onwards)

Launching of campaign
Measure the penetration rate
Monitoring the targeted markets
Data collection and analysis
Measure the effectiveness of the campaign

(Refinement, 2nd week)

Define the perceived barriers
Explain the benefits of the campaign
Measure the acceptance of the target audience
Gather, summarize feedbacks (customer awareness/understanding)
Finalize the social marketing campaign
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