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KnickerBocker Hotel

No description

지은 이

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of KnickerBocker Hotel

The Knicker Bocker Hotel
History of the KnickerBocker
New Hotels In Manhattan
b. Ted Gibson
Market Analysis
Marketing Mix
Current Marketing Strategy
Market Analysis - New York
Products : Rooms
Superior rooms : 48 Located on all floors

Deluxe room : 89 Located on all floors; broad way views

Premier room : 162 Located on all floors

Junior suite : 18 Located on floors 5 ~16

Corner junior suite : 9 Located on floors 3, 5~12
1. Located in Time Square
2. Unique property’s history
3. Can see the good view at the rooftop – ST.Cloud
4. Celebrities in the Knicker Bocker Hotel
5. The building is in the Beaux-Arts style
1. No special rooms (too formal)
2. No special promotion
to attrack people
3. More risk and capital required compared to other chain hotels.
1. Hot issue(many article)
because they are reopened
2. Many travelers in New York
3. Various target segments
4. Many convention centers around the hotel.
1. Unknown for international people
2. Compete with chain and many hotels in Time Square
3. Many boutique hotels in Time Square
Products : Dine & Drink
a. Charlie Parmer Restaurent
b. ST.Cloud Bar located in rooftop
c. Jake's @ The Knick Coffee Shop
Place & Price
Location : 6 TIMES SQUARE | NEW YORK NY 10036
a. The KnickerBocker Hotel official website
b. Intermediaries : Expedia, Hotels.com, booking.com
1. Superior Room King Bed: $242 -> $453
2. Superior Room Two Queen Beds Accessible $335 -> $584
3. Superior Room Two Queen Beds 335 -> 496$
1. Deluxe Room King Bed Accessible $327 -> $538
2. Deluxe Room King Bed $421 -> $538
3. Deluxe Room Two Queen Beds $463 -> $581
1. Premier Room King Bed Accessible $370 -> $581
2. Premier Room Two Queen Beds $412 -> $623
3. Premier Room King Bed ->$581
1. Junior Suite Two Queen Beds Accessible $585 -> $834
2. Junior Suite King Bed Accessible $535 -> $675
3. Junior Suite King Bed $535 -> $784
4. Junior Suite Two Queen Beds $585 -> $834
5. Corner Junior Suite $685 -> $934
Facebook, twitter,instagram, blog

2.News(TheStreet.com),newspapers, online articles,magazines(Vogue)

3.Video through its official website

4.Celebrities’ participation-WOM : Larry Johnson(as a fitness curator),
Jo Sampson(as an Interior designer),
Ted Gibson(as a coiffeur & stylist) etc
Marketing Strategy
Intergrated Marketing Communication
a. Charlie Palmer
Award-winning chef, Michelin-starred restaurateur, hotelier and author, Charlie Palmer
Larry Johnson was a famous talented basket ball player. Now he brings his inimitable star power to The Knickerbocker as our Fitness Curator.
c. Larry Johnson
Breakfast Package
This offer includes: Complimentary full buffet breakfast in our signature restaurant,
Charlie Palmer at The Knick, each morning of your stay.
Terms & Conditions: Guests have up to 24 hours prior to...
Buy 4 nights get the 5th night free, rate is discounted by 20 percent which equals one night free.
1. Writing Letter
Where: There will be a boutique desk near the front office
For whom: Any customer who stays the night at the KnickerBocker Hotel.
Price: Free
2. Wearing the Renaissance
3. Detective Show
The Knickerbocker Hotel is
a historic hotel,
first opened in 1906.
It is located at the southeast
corner of Broadway
and 42nd Street in New York City.
The World War 1 occurred in 1914.
John Jacob Astor IV
He was the one who established the Knickerbocker.
John Jacob Astor IV (1864–1912) was a showcase of luxury in a time of prosperity.
The tragic death of John Jacob
What Happened in 1992?
The Sinking of Titanic in occured in1992.
Why the Knickerbocker closed?
Financial decline of the Knickerbocker
The Knickerbocker to “Office”
Vincent Astor hired architect Charles A. Platt to design the conversion.

The luxury hotel interiors were completely gutted and the ground levels were converted to stores

The building became home to Newsweek magazine from 1940 to 1959 and was known as The Newsweek Building.

Reuse as a hotel
In 2004, SL Green sold the building, by then known as 6 Times Square, to Sitt Asset Management,

Sitt Asset Management, sold the building in 2006 to Istithmar Hotels, an investment group from the Royal family of Dubai.

Istithmar announced plans to convert the building back into a five-star hotel, but they were unable to fulfill their debt obligation and surrendered the property to their lender in early March 2010.

In early February 2012, FelCor Lodging Trust, a U.S. Real estate investment trust, acquired the building at a cost of $115 million.

FelCor renovated the property for an additional $115 million, completely gutting it, with the exception of the historic facade, and converting it to a modern 330-room hotel.
The current situation...
The hotel reopened
on February 12, 2015,
under its original name,
The Knickerbocker Hotel.
Ted Gibson is best known for providing hair care, styling and make-up application worldwide.
He was actually one of the passengers on the boat.
Extroverted Affluent
Business men
Domestic Leisure Travelers in America
Existing customer
Send a direct mail
-antique appearance
->catch customer's eye
about the detective evening
chance to write letter in our hotel
->appearance-get more interested
-benefits bring back the letter to hotel
->exchanged for a glass of martinil

Prospecting customer
-upload interesting video on Youtube
knickerbocker hotel's history
the detective evening
-post an attractive writing on fan club
website of anything that has connection with detective theme
-drama, movie and so on
-Sherlock Holmes fan club
top 3 websites that contribute to reservations
writes a comment among these sites
can get an aroma candle that has hotel's logo on it
Prospecting customer
Welcome to New York City!
New Hotels In Manhattan
Our Promotions
1. Writing Letter
The Knicker Bocker
2. Wearing the Renaissance
3. Detective Show at the Bar
To be a Landmark in the New York
Benefit- The family member who received the letter will be excited to hear from his family and also have WOM effect.
This writing paper is a classical paper for people to feel the old era.
What: Write a letter to your family or friends.
Why: Show how much you miss your family
by sending a letter.
(It is different than sending a text message)
For any guest who writes the letter can also wear the prepared custom(outfit) and take a picture.
Where: Next to the boutique desk, the outfit will be layed out.
For Whom: For any guests
Price: Free
For the people who take a picture will receive a free boutique feather pen.
Hotel- WOM effect
Guest- free customed picture and free boutique pen
When: The hotel will offer the show twice a month. (The last week of Wednesday and Saturday of the month)
For Whom: Anyone who is older than 21 can join the show for $10!
Time: The game will start at 8pm but guests can receive the card from 7:30pm.
1. Writing Letter
1. Writing Letter
2. Wearing the Renaissance
3. Detective Show
It will offer 300 rooms,
including 27 Junior Suites and 4 Signature Suites.
It will. also feature a restaurant, a coffee shop and a roof bar overlooking Times Square.
To increase room nights to 300 from the extroverted and domestic travelers in three years while maintaining an average room rate of $500.
14010161 조승진
13010244 이동혁
14010196 이지은
14010258 최이영
14010197 이지영

Rule of the Show
1.When the guest enters to the bar, he or she will receive a card.
2. Act as if you are the mafia, fire fighter, doctor, lawyer, teacher, student and the police man.
3. Find the real Mafia.
4. Winner gets the price
*But to join the show, you have to purchase at least one drink at the bar*
The knicker bocker article
Google image
Game Idea
뉴욕시 연중행사
뉴욕시가 내놓은 관광 정책 : 내 고장 찾기
뉴욕 효자 여행객
미국의 호텔 인기도
2015년 <2014년 뉴욕시 관광객 통계발표> 박진영
The Knicker Bocker Hotel web site
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