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Copy of Gothic Theatre

Gothic Theatre Extension English Presentation - Amanda Sydney Ramos

Stephanie Jones

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Gothic Theatre

Gothic Theatre Amanda Sydney Ramos Horace Walpole - "Gothic Story" 1764

What is Gothic? (Introduction to the Norton Anthology of English Literature Vol II, 1993, M H Ambrams ed)

Seven Descriptors Gothic Theatre Gothic Theatre - Reception

“The established canon of Gothic drama is queer in its obsessive focus on non-normative sexualities and in its inclusion of plays that were not often, if ever, staged - in other words, examples of gothic drama that are not representative.” Gothic Theatre has been a subject of evolution and constant adaption. It has be reimagined and reinvented to become what we now accept as Gothic Theatre. It serves to be of a changing nature due to the demand of meeting values of current society. Essentially Gothic Theatre is a challenge for creative writers to stay within tradition but at the same time make it new for enduring appeal. Supernatural Elements

Dramatic Suffering

Superstition What makes Gothic Theatre? - Elements & Conventions Transformation of character

Transformation of place,

Transformation of object. 1770s 1813 1778 1790s 1815 1819 1834 1764 Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Evolution of theatre and film I think this is about feelings! Different
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