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Tasmagambetov Biography

No description

Ruslan Syzdykov

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Tasmagambetov Biography

Double click anywhere & add an idea Biography Familily
Born December 9, 1956 in Novobogat village, Mahambet region, Atyrau (Guriev) oblast

Father Nurgali Tasmagambetov (1926-1997)
Mother Kokanova Dilda (born 1930)
Brother Kurmangali and sister Nursulu
Married to Bekkulova Klara Daumova

Daughters Asel and Sofia

Son Nursultan
History, ethnography and archeology of Kazakhstan

Hobby – collecting works of Central Aian poeples’ applied art

Ideals of political figures are Mustafa Shokai and François Mitterand
1979 - Graduated from Natural Geography Department of Ural State Pedagogical Institute named after Pushkin

1997 – Got PhD in Political Science
Active Political Life
Since 1983 - first secretary of the Komsomol City Committee, Guriev oblast

Since 1986 - first secretary of the Regional Committee of Youth of Guriev

Since 1989 - first secretary of the Lenin Communist Youth Union of Kazakhstan. First met Nazarbayev.
Since 1993 - Assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Since 1995 - Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 1998 - the first assistant to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 
Since 1999 - Akim of Atyrau region

From December 2000 - Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

From December 2004 to April 2008 - Mayor of Almaty

Since April 2008 – Mayor of Astana Chairman of Public Council on the state program "Cultural heritage“
Chairman of the National Commission of Kazakhstan for UNESCO
Organizer of several international cultural expeditions into Mongolia, western Kazakhstan and the Astrakhan region of Russia (the Caspian Sea: Oil and Culture)
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