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The Water Cycle

It's about the water cycle.

Youri Choi

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle
WATER VAPOR in the air gets cold and changes back into liquid,forming clouds.
What is percolation?
What is runoff?
The process of water going into water is called evaporation.
Runoff is the water that falls to the ground.
Percolation means to filter out.
3.Drying up
Percolation means to filter out.
Why can't we see water evaporate?
Because evaporation is invisible. Sometimes we can see little droplets of water with the stream.
Chang Woo
You Ri

What are the difference between percolation and runoff?
If the water precipitates, it goes onto the ground, and it goes to the ocean.
If the water precipitates, it goes into the ground, and it goes to the ocean.
Percolation and runoff are important for our lives because they can clean the dust from the ground, and they make the heated ground cool.
What is other name for evaporation?
What is condensation?
What happens during condensation?
The End!!!
3. What are different types of precipitation?
Thanks for watching this prezi!!!
What is the water cycle?
Why do we need the water cycle?
The Earth is covered by water however, almost 97% is salt water found in the oceans.
We can't drink salt water or use for crops because it's salt.
So, we need the water cycle.
The water cycle is the movement of the water. The water evaporates, and it condenses, and it precipitates, and it will be over again.
Water vapor in the air gets cold and changes back into liquid, forming clouds. This is called condensation.
A. Rain, snow, and hail.
What is
The process of water going into air is called evaporation.
1. What is precipitation
Precipitation is...
A. When the temperature and air pressure are right the small droplets of water in clouds from lunar droplets and precipitation happen. The raindrops fall to Earth.
Why are percolation and runoff important for our lives?
2. Why is the precipitation important?

A. Precipitation is very important because we drink some of that water. The plants and trees needs the precipitation to grow.
Plants and tree can grow
because of the water cycle!
Finally, it will all happen over again.
Step of the water cycle
1. The Sun’s rays warm Earth.
2. Water go in plants lakes, rivers, and oceans turns into vapor.
3. Vapor cools and forms clouds.
4. Clouds cool more as they rise. Rain, hail, or snow falls.
5. Rain runs into lakes and rivers.
6. Rain seeps underground.
7. Rivers carry water to the ocean.
I like the percolation and runoff because they are part of the water cycle. Also, I like them because they have interesting information.

The gas mixes, and it becomes cloud.

The gas becomes little drop on the ground.
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