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Future Cars

How cars are going to advance through the future.

Alex Roy

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Future Cars

At the moment car companies are starting to think about the future. They are advancing their technology and making their cars more 'Environment Friendly' by using things like Hybrid engines that run off part petrol and electricity, but their are some that run off just electricity. In a couple of years car companies are going to be advancing the technology in their cars by upgrading things like the cars engines so that they wont be producing as much pollution as they are now. 'Eco' cars will also make insurance and tax cheaper as they wont be producing as much gases as a normal car. Its not going to be long until air powered cars are going to be a regular sight around the world, using natural, non-harmful gases. Which will make the fuel easier to access and cheaper to buy. Another interesting idea that's coming into action is the thought of cars powered by nothing other than sunlight. This is all done by solar panels attached to a motor that spins the wheels, SIMPLE! The final idea that might come into action soon are cars powered by hydrogen, which would basically be a gas version of petrol, making cars perform better, and possibly cheaper to run.
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