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Mariah Garland

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Scribes

Scribes By:Mariah Garland Symbols Scribes have 700 symbols.They always drew them on their writing,caves and in books. Tools and what they wrote on Reading and writing Scribes had many tools. One of their main tools were brushes. They were used to write on clay. The brush would be dug into the clay and leave a print. They also had a paint brushes but they were different than ours today.The paint brushes would be dipped into ink and then the scribes would write it on the scrolls.The scrolls were made out of papyrus. Papyrus was a reed plant. Scribes and who were they Scribes were boys they were the only ones who could read and write. They got really good education. They got to read and write to the pharaoh, officials,merchants and to other people. The Jewish scribes became teachers or interpreters of the law. Writing Their writing was very different. They copied a lot of things for the government,merchants, officials and their family. They copied it so they could show their family what they are learning. They copied it for the government merchants and officials so they could see how they are doing and to see how far they get every day. They wrote in school books. They got really good education. What they did when they had free time Scribes at work Scribes at work worked very hard every day. When they came they got right down to business. They always did reading and writing but some scribes did reading one day and did read the next day. When they were done they sometimes went to the pharaoh if it is there day and show them what they learned. What they did for free time was they drew in caves they all split up and went to different went to different cave. Another thing they did was they read and wrote. The book of the dead from the scribes The book of the dead was of course from the scribes. They found it many many years later and that's how they found out to write like the scribes. THE END
hoped you liked it
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