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Airline Pilot Career Presentation

No description

Juancho Torres

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Airline Pilot Career Presentation

By: Juan Torres
Aviation Industry
= 58.1 million jobs around world
= 2,272,00 jobs
Air Navigation
= 195,000
Airport Operators
= 470,00
Civil/Engineering Aerospace
= 1,203,000
My Reasons
Since I was in my childhood I was inspired by my uncle

My uncle never finished his aviation career, so he wants me to finish what he started.

If landing an airplane in a simulator feels great, imagine what it would feel like in real life.
Career Definition
Pilot =
of an expedition

Airline =
Public transportation
from one location to another

Airline Pilot = Pilot who is

and works for airline
Airline Pilot
Related Fields Cont.
Air Traffic Control
Director of Aerospace Program Management
Air Marshall
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Inspector
Aircraft Loadmaster
Required Education
Bachelors degree in ANYTHING
ATP Certification from FAA
Career Overview
Flight Theory & Physics
Aircraft Systems
Before Starting
Regional Airlines

No more than

first year
Must start as Co-Pilot
Major Airlines

Up to
first year just as a Co-Pilot
Increases every year
Must start as a Co-Pilot
However! You must GAIN experience in order to receive a raise.

Know the
Must have
Must have Plan B
Must have patience
Your own life
hundreds of lives
The Career
The stripes
1 = Flight Attendant
2 = International Service Manager
3 = First Officer
4 = Captain

The Flight Log
Keep tracks of ALL your flights
Must be completed every time you go flying
Everything is recorded
-wind speed
Shown to airline

The starting plane

Most of your "life" will be spent here.
You will fly this many hours until you have requirement hours

2010 Icelandic volcano eruption
- Cost $5 billion lost in global economy
- 10 million passengers affected
- April 15 and May 24, 2010
International trade is IMPORTANT with aviation, vegetation transport

1. Student Pilot Certificate
2. Private Pilot License
3. Instrument Rating
4. Commercial Pilot License
5. Multi-Engine Rating
6. Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
Commercial License
- 18 years old
- Pass flight exam and written exam

Airline Transport Pilot
- Must have

1,500 flight hours recorded
- Must be

23 years old

- Must have

physical exams

every year or 6 months
- Must
pass practice flights
Piper Cherokee
Cessna 172
Majority believe that there is only one type of pilot
International Pilot
Regional Pilot
Pay is
Earn more respect
To earn Captain seat you need time, and lots of time
More manageable schedules with airline boss
No crash pads
Airline pays you EVERYTHING
Results vary from airline
Requirements : College
Major Airline Pilot
Great place
to start your aviation career
a great place to


Stress levels increase
Shift after shift = no rest
Crash Pads = place where regional pilots stay because they can't afford normal hotel. Shared rooms with up to 10 people.
Requirements : College
Test Pilot
Test NEW avaition technology
Test NEW airplanes
Salary $15,000 - $200,000
job in avaition
Requirements : College
Military Pilot
U. S Armed Forces : Air Force and Navy
Fly military planes : fighter jets to cargo planes
Salary $21,000 - $99,000
Requirements : College
Best of the best
Need to know at least one foreign language
Airline pays EVERYTHING
Explore new places
Away from home
Flight routes vary from time to time
Type of aircraft vary from time to time
High Salary
Need more experience
Not easy to get there
Requirements : College
Related Fields
Pilot Careers
Salary Varys
Have Determination
Flight School

Sedgwick Hines, AvScholars, Aviation Careers,

Freeman, Joel. "How Becoming an Airline Pilot Works" 04 August 2000. HowStuffWorks.com. <http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/pilot.htm> 7 April 2014.
How do you start?
Study physics and flight theory
Flight Simulator
Go to college
Start flight school
Economic Growth
Licenses In Order
My Future
Finish highschool
Go to aviation college
Go to flight school
Dream : Fly for Delta or American Airlines, hopefully Internationally
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