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Unit 1: First Impressions

No description

English IsFun

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Unit 1: First Impressions

Unit 1: First Impressions
June 15, 2016
Pg. 10 - Vocab

Pg. 12 - A and B - Vocabulary
Check Homework
Psychology of First Impressions
Pg. 7
Vocabulary - Questions?
Read outline
Fill in outline while listening
Pg. 8-9
-C, D, E, F
Pg. 11
1. Read the first sentence
2. Cover your book
3. Tell your partner what making inferences means

A. Listen and answer
C. Takes notes and compare
Check Homework
Making Inferences

Most jobs give potential hirees only 1-3 interviews before making a decision to hire them.
How is this related to our unit: First Impressions?
Are companies able to get a good idea about the hiree?
Are job applicants able to represent (show) themselves accurately?
Is this a good system for hiring potential employees? Why or why not?
If it is not good, what changes would you make?
REMEMBER: Take turns, participate, think OUTSIDE of what you know, ask questions!
Warm-Up: Discussion
What is summarizing?

Pg. 6 - Check answers
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