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the differences & similarities between conduction , radiation , & convection

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Breanna Edwards

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of the differences & similarities between conduction , radiation , & convection

Breanna Edwards (: Convection .
Radiation .
Convection (: Convection is ... Conduction ... Radiation .. Differences .. Similarities .. When the transfer of energy occurs because of the movement of matter. Like in a convection oven, the heat around the food warms it up. And the food is placed on the middle rack, it is cooked more evenly then in an electric oven. The transfer of heat when you put objects close to each other. Like the example you gave was when you sit on a cold seat , and your butt is warm. the heat transfers and its called conduction ;D Radiation occurs when the transfer of electromagnetic waves happens. Radiaiton is like when you are sitting by a fire and you are ice cold. Then you go a little bit closer to fire , you can feel it . ;D They all can occur on an oven , or a stove top.
They all invole heat.
They all happen on the Earth (: One of them invole touching.
Radiation goes through empty space.
Conduction involves fast moving particles of the warmer object and slow moving paritcles on the cooler object.
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