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The History of Hair Braiding

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Katlyn Cromer

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The History of Hair Braiding

Katlyn Cromer History of Hair Braiding hair braiding started in Africa at the beginning of civilization
in ancient African Tribes different types of hair braiding should a person's identity
it could show marriage status, the wealth of that person and what tribe they were in Origins of Hair Braiding Hair Braiding was used for ceremonial rituals
examples are weddings and religious ceremonies Ancient Egyptian Hair Braiding Ancient American Hair Braiding Native Americans used braiding similar to the African Tribes
they showed status and identity In renaissance and medieval times, different types of hair braiding showed a woman's status
upper class women wore very intricate braids
common women would have much more simple braids to keep their hair out of their faces as they worked European use for Hair Braiding Different Types of Braids French Braids English Braids Dutch Braids Swiss Braids Multi-strand Braids Crown Braids Fishtail Braids
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