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Language Arts

No description

Cristina B

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Language Arts

Deep And Dark And Dangerous Plot Setting Deep And Dark And Dangerous takes place during the summertime!It is in the state of Maine at Websters Cove.Websters Cove is a town where you see kids laughing and people enjoying themselves.On the other hand at Sycamore Lake or at the cabin Ali, Duclie, and Emma live the setting is nowhere near happiness and kids laughing.Around Sycamore lake it is a very mysterious place.Instead of children laughing there are ghosts laughing.It is a ghost town literally and figuratively!The population is very little and some say ghosts lead the area.Everyone knows everything about each other because the town is so small.If this particular story were to take place somewhere else everything would be completely different.In this story it rains a lot!If it were in a happier environment the people would not be so gloomy and depressed.In addition there would be no "Sycamore Lake",or where Teresa's bones are. Character Overview Curious- Ali wanted to know every single thing about Teresa.She asked as many people as she could if they knew anything about her."Who "T"?Why didn't mom remember her?Where was she?" P5. Ali is...... Static-Ali changed much throughout the whole story.Ali hated Sissy at the beginning.They were rivals.By the end of the story her and sissy were good friends."She reached out and touched my check"You're crying Ali.""P185 Strong-Ali stayed strong when Dulcie would yell at her ,and Sissy stole Emma away from her. ""Sissy,Sissy,Sissy",Dulcie said,"Ali stop and grow up!""P103/139 Mary Downing Hahn Shy-Ali always will keep her thoughts to herself just to not get in trouble, especially with Dulcie."Cant you two just stop and get along already?","I did nothing but look down." Ali,Emma,and Dulcie go to Sycamore Lake.
- exposition Emma meets Sissy.Sissy is very rude to Ali and she steals Emma from Ali. -rising action Emma,Ali,and Dulcie go downtown and meet Erin ,and she tells them Jeanine,her mom,will visit them.- rising action Jeanine visits Dulcie and Ali and talks about Teresa.This upsets Dulcie very much.-rising action -rising action Sissy goes to Ali's cabin.Sissy upsets Ali making Sissy run away ,and Ali chases her to see where she lives.Sissy disappears ,so Ali goes to Ms.Trents house thinking its Sissy's house.They talk about Teresa.-rising action Sissy takes Emma in the canoe where Teresa died.Ali runs to try to save Sissy and Sissy takes off with the Canoe.Sissy throws Edith over board thinking Emma will go and get it.Sissy gets out the canoe in the freezing water and the canoe tips over.Sissy swims away in the dark leaving Emma and Ali alone.After waiting a life boat comes and rescues them.The whole town had been looking for them. The whole town finds out Sissy is Teresa's ghost.She never rested since she died but was never buried. -falling action Sissy forces Dulcie and Calire to tell town they were there when Teresa died.-falling action They properly bury Sissy and have a funeral for her.-resolution Cristina Boitos 5/6/13 -climax Ali is a 13 year old girl that is tall brunet with greenish eyes!"I was not really any different than my mom.Tall,skinny,brunet hair.P6 Theme Vocabulary copacetic: Very satisfactory:Adjective:ko-pa-set-ik/."I don't know i guess were not very copacetic:synonym-not pleased. reluctantly-showing doubt or unwilling:adjective:/ri-lek-tant-ly."I was reluctant about it,but I did it anyways for Emma."Synonym-loath. flounced-to move with exaggerated jerky motions:Verb:/flaunt(s)."I flounced across the room trying to ignore Dulcie."Synonym-flinch beckoned-to call or signal a person:verb:/'bek-an-d/."I beckoned for Emma to come inside."Synonym-wave. Bewildered-to confuse especially with great many things to worry about:verb:/bi-wil-der-d/."Dulcie bewildered when Emma and I told her about Sissy."Synonym-nervous Other Deep and Dark And Dangerous teaches a very important life lesson.This particular story teaches you to be truthful.Without the truth nothing is put in rest.Just like Sissy.Sissy was very upset that Dulcie and Claire would not tell the truth that they were with Teresa the day she died on the lake.Dulcie and Claire have been holding a big lie throughout their whole life time.All sissy wanted them to do was admit the truth.Deep and Dark and Dangerous is describing the terrifying lake Teresa died in.The conflict is resolved when Dulcie and Claire tell the public they were there when Teresa died.It put everyone to peace and raised a huge bolder off Dulcie and Claire's shoulders.They learned if they are truthful everything will become alright.This author teaches that when you lie nothing good will come your way,but if you are truthful everything good will come your way.
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