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stuff about weather

Matt Soriano

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of weather

WEATHERby:Matthew Soriano basicaly the only thing you need to know about weather to get all other consepts is the water cycle. first thing, evaporation, thats when the heat on the ground makes the water turn to mist. actually that mist is high in the sky where it is very cold.so it turns into a cloud.this is called condensation. when the cloud gets bigger all that water is to heavy so in falls as rain.this is precipitation. runoff is when the water from rain goes down a hill or mountain to lower ground. accumulation is when water collects at one point to form a lake or other body of water. and then it starts over and over again until the Earth explodes or something. and if you know that you can learn about storms, typhoons ,tidal waves or even hurricanes. then it makes a cloud .... no not that cloud
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