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No description

Jordan Bittinger

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of iPad

The iPad The iPad is not very light The screen is 1024 x 768 It feels like a huge iPhone when you hold it
The CPU speed is very fast You can read books on it There is no camera It was released in April 2010 and it’s considered to have introduced a class of devises between smart phones, and laptops Up to ten hours of battery life The height is 9.56 inches, the width is 7.47 inches, and the depth is 0.5 inches The weight is 1.5 pounds for the Wi-Fi model and 1.6 pounds for the Wi-Fi + 3G model. $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi only $599 for a 32GB Wi-Fi only $699 for a 64GB Wi-Fi only $629 for a 16GB Wi-Fi & 3G $729 for a 32GB Wi-Fi & 3G and $829 for a 64GB Wi-Fi & 3G
There’s no support for HDMI or HD videos No widescreen No flash support No USB connectors There are many apps for the iPad Some things the iPad includes are: Safari: The iPad is the best way to experience the web Mail: You can see and touch your e-mails Youtube: With this app videos are even easier to find and better to watch Ipod: You can reach out and touch your songs, and also view your album art full-size Maps: You can find locations easier and view locations in street, satellite, and terrain view Accessibility: Apple built the iPad so people with disabilities could also enjoy all that it has to offer Accessories: The iPad contains a keyboard dock, which combines a dock with a full-size keyboard There are different adapters to let you connect the iPad to TVs, projectors, and displays Thanks for watching! =)
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