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Finding (GOOD) Stuff to Write

Courtney Danforth

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Invention

INVENTION GOOD finding stuff to say Reporting Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? SO WHAT?! Gleaning the cube Describe: color, shape, size, density Compare: What is it like? Associate: What does it remind you of? Analyze: What are its constituent parts? How is it put together? Apply: What's it good for? How can you use it? Argue: both for and against it Topoi: where to find ideas Definition * How does the dictionary define ____?
* What do I mean by ____?
* What group of things does ____ belong to?
* How is ____ different from other things?
* What parts can ____ be divided into?
* Does ____ mean something now that it used to?
* What other words mean about the same as ____?
* What are some concrete examples of ____?
* When is the meaning of ____ misunderstood?
Comparison * What is ____ similar to? In what ways?
* What is ____ different from? In what ways?
* ____ is superior (inferior) to what? How?
* ____ is most unlike (like) what? How?
Circumstance * Is ____ possible or impossible?
* What conditions make ____ possible or impossible?
* Who can do ____?
* What causes ____ to end?
* What causes ____ to begin?
* What would prevent ___ from happening?
Relationship * What causes ____?
* What are the effects of ____?
* What is the purpose of ____?
* Why does ____ happen?
* What is the consequence of ____?
* What comes before (after) ____?
Stasis Fact * Did something happen?
* Is there a problem/issue?
* What are the facts?
* How did it happen? What caused it?
* What changed to create the problem/issue?
* Can it be changed again?
* Is the data reliable? Definition * What exactly is the problem/issue?
* What kind of a problem/issue is it?
* To what larger class of things or events does it belong?
* What are its parts, and how are they related?
* What influences the definition of this problem/issue? Quality * Is it a good or bad thing?
* How serious is it?
* Whom might it affect?
* What if notbody did anything about it?
* What are the costs of solving the problem/issue?
Policy * Should any action be taken?
* Who should work on the problem?
* What should be done about this problem?
* What needs to happen to solve this problem/address this issue?
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