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Getting Started with Evernote

Learn some Evernote basics and learn a number of useful Evernote functions and concepts that will help you start remembering everything.

Danielle Rogers

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Getting Started with Evernote

The First Step Install Evernote and create an account! Terminology... What is Evernote? The Second Step Create your
first note! The Third Step Sync The Final Step Use Evernote everyday for everything! Questions? Getting Started With Evernote Note Notebook Sync Account An Evernote note can capture just about anything...
web clippings
and much more! Sync ensures that your note is shared across all of your devices. At home...
Create grocery and shopping lists
Organize recipes
To-do lists

At work....
Research on a prospect
Clipping new ideas from suppliers
Idea generation
Client sales call notes and then follow up/next steps after meeting
Project management
iPad & i Phone Windows Phone Android Blackberry Mac Windows PC Organize Notebooks
Tags www.evernote.com Step 1 - Install Evernote and create your account.
Step 2 - Create your first note!
Step 3 - Sync and organize!
Step 4 - Use Evernote everyday! View videos and guides
Find different tools and resources
Access Evernote on the Web www.evernote.com > To install on your Mac or PC
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