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Chapter 9 of the Scarlet Letter

No description

Isai Valdez

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 9 of the Scarlet Letter

Chapter 9: The Leech Summary The Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale has become sick with something that could take his life and the only one there to help is the new physician Roger Chillingworth. At first the town thinks that he can save the Reverend, but then start to doubt Chillingworths's true intentions Setting The house that Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth shared, during the daytime. Characterization "...had enlarged his medical attainments by joining in the incantation of the savage priest; who were univesally acknowledged to be powerful enchanters, often performing seemingly miraculous cures by their skill in the black art."(Hawthorne 87)
They believe that Chillingworth uses dark magic to cure people. Theme Sometimes evil lies in the places least expected Do you help people for their benifit or your own benifit? "Now,there was something ugly and evil in his face, which they had not previously noticed, and which grew still the more obvious to sight, the oftener they looked upon him."(Hawthorne 87)
At first Chillingworth is seen as a calm man, but as time passes the town starts to recognize the difference in his character. "...Reverend Arther Dimmesdale,...,was haunted either by Satan himself, or Satan's emissary, in the guise of old Roger Chillingworth."(Hawthorne 88)
The town thought that Chillingworth was there to plot against Dimmesdale's soul. Style Devices Allegory: "...he was often observed, on any slight alarm or other sudden accident, to put his hand over his heart..."(Hawthorne 82)
Dimmesdale puts his hand in the same place as the Scarlet letter on Hester's breast, he feels the guilt and shame as much as Hester does. Cacophonous Diction: "...Was haunted wither by Satan himself, or Satan's Emissary..." (Hathorne 88)
They compare Chillingworth to Satan, because the evil thoughts going through his mind are present in his image. Connotative Diction:"Alas, to judge from the gloom and terrow in the depths of the poor minister's eyes, the battle was a sore one, and the victory any thing but secure!"(Hawthorne 88)
Its a battle within for Dimmesdale, and a physical battle between both Dimmesdale and Chillingworth.
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