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Environmental solutions- Recycling

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kristopher vonic

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Environmental solutions- Recycling

Kristopher Vonic
Saturday March 2
Environmental Issue
Solution effectiveness
Solutions attempted
The solutions we are attempting to keep the earth as healthy as we can through recycling are very affective apposed to no body recycling. This is proved affective because we can reduce the waste admitted to the earth and re use the materials we would other wise waste. Communities are getting more strict only allowing one garbage bag a week and such to try and control the waste admitted to the environment and also encouraging people to recycle more
Some solutions we attempt to resolve this waste and pollution problem is to recycle as much as we can, to dispose of dangerous and harmful chemicals and other toxic wastes safely and environmentally friendly, also to not waste or litter garbage in the streets or anywhere that will harm the earth.
Some of the reasons that pushed humans to change their wasting ways was that we realized that at some point we will run out of space to put all the garbage and waste so it will eventually pile up and ruin our earth. Another reason that people made attempts at improving was that we started recycling more and more to the point every community is recycling and wasting less every day, also land where there are land fills, or a toxic waste dumps, that environment is completely contaminated and not safe for the environment or anybody exposed to that polluted land.
Environmental solutions- Recycling
The issue I researched was the environmental waste issue that is polluting not only the atmosphere but also the land we grow crops with, the air we breathe, and the water we drink is all getting damaged from the waste we all admit onto the earth. When we throw things in the garbage instead of recycling it they sit on our land and the chemicals that seep into the earth spreads through the environment polluting the environment all around us.
Why Humans Changed
The conclusion to the solution of recycling is that it is an over all great attempt at a solution for the environment because its very productive and also very helpful for less waste for the earth.
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