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Mamie "peanut " johnson A strong right arm

No description

Marissa Mirabal

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Mamie "peanut " johnson A strong right arm

A strong Right Arm
by Michelle Y. Green Mamie grew up playing Baseball. Even if she didn't have the equipment. She would use a rock and a stick as a ball and a bat , she loved the game . Mamie loved playing baseball , when her grandma dies she ends up having to move to New Jersey with her Uncle. She tries to carry on and keep playing the game she loves in her new town but there are many obstacles and problems she has to face to do so. when Mamie tried to play Such as there are two leagues for baseball a whites only , and African american leagues. Then she has to face the fact that she is a girl. Although she realizes her obstacles this does not stop her from playing in the all boys leagues. Mamie was a right handed pitcher . There are a lot of pitchers , but Mamie was a very good one. She threw just as fast, consistent , and hard is any boy could , if not better. Mamie grew up still playing baseball. She pitched in the minor leagues then got drafted to the Indianapolis Clowns to play Major League baseball in 1953 . " I played along with the boys , and i began to like it and the more I played , the better I played and i got good at it " Johnson said .
She was the first female pitcher to play in the negro leagues. Mamie was pitching in a game and had two strikes on a batter , and a fan said " oh shes guna strike you out ! " The batter replied "nah she wont , shes as small as a Peanut !" Then Mamie threw the next pitch and " STRIKE 3 ... your out ! " called the umpire. Mamie looked at the batter and said " you can call me peanut " and smiled . Thats how Mamie " Peanut " Johnson got her name .
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