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UC Berkeley CalSO 2011 - Getting Involved @ Cal

Congratulations on your decision to attend Cal! This presentation will help you figure out ways to start getting involved on campus. Go Bears!

Marissa Reynoso

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of UC Berkeley CalSO 2011 - Getting Involved @ Cal

P berkeley cal go.bears welcome leadership STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS AND RECREATION COMMUNITY get health jobs & internships service publications international research campus peer undergraduate observer participant leader students academic-professional team california arts &
entertainment cal spirit publications.and.media residence.halls involvement music study abroad media education interfaith-religious-spiritual decal ethnic-cultural-regional-identity.based asuc student gov't asuc graduate alumni events housing pride sustainability counseling political-advocacy student communities equality theatre study dance disabled lesbian.gay.bisexual.transgender fraternities &
sororities activities student.organizations peace life scholars recruitment health &
wellness environmental multicultural gender how will you... involved and leave your mark? getting involved @ cal calso 2011 we're here to help you... learn about
opportunities on campus figure out how
to start getting involved connect your involvement with leadership 2 cal! . . meet with an advisor/counselor
apply for a job or internship
join a spiritual community
participate in a service project
join an honor society
participate in calgreeks intake/recruitment ideas decide to get involved
test out the waters
be proactive
sign up for activities
join an organization participant first,
a little lesson... the O a L model of student involvement observer act as a bystander
an active listener
observe your surroundings
soak in the environment read daily cal
attend calapalooza
explore caltv.org
hang out on sproul plaza
watch an athletic event
explore studentorgs.berkeley.edu rally on sproul big game v. stanfurd take these flyers tabling... eat candy! sign up here now that you've observed and explored... study abroad fair learn about student orgs on sproul plaza hang out on sproul plaza vote in asuc elections audition! join a student organization get an internship in DC gained knowledge
has influence
an agent of change
executes goals of the organization mobilize students for action
run for student government
write for Daily Californian,
become a CalSO counselor
teach a decal class
start your own organization leader let's hear from some current cal students... annual events cal day calapalooza pow wow caltopia career fairs new student convocation study abroad fairs chancellor's reception berkeley project leadership symposium graduation dance marathon asuc elections homecoming big game activities, involvement & student organizations academic & professional arts & entertainment asuc student gov't cal spirit environmental ethnic, cultural, regional & identity-based fraternities & sororities gender/lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender health & wellness jobs & internships interfaith, religious & spiritual international leadership political & advocacy publications & media residence halls sports & recreation service student communities observe participate lead what's your story... ideas studentorgs.berkeley.edu join a spiritual community ideas asuc senate raza recruitment & retention center blueprint leadership program cal spirit questions? become a CalGreek cal spirit
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