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Left Bare project

No description

Lauren Daniel

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Left Bare project

LEFT BARE ABOUT LEFT BARE Biog An unsigned alternative rock band born in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Producing melodic vocals and hardcore chord progressions, Left Bare will blow you away with their live gigs and professional talent. Left Bare formed together at Amersham & Wycombe college on their very first day on the music course, ever since then they have been gigging at various pubs and writing catchy songs including 'Saviour' and 'Bitter End'. Hannah Zealey Hannah is our lead vocalist, the girly one in the band bringing us the sex appeal and making us look good. The type of front woman a band needs to attract an audience. Alex Hume Alex is our lead guitarist, he joined the band a year after it was created. He's brought a lot to Left Bare, his insane solos and stage presence has helped Left Bare develop into being a better band. Aimee Whiteman Aimee is our bassist and also the song writer of the band. She's the one who writes all the lyrics and a standard chord progression and then we all add to it. Lauren Daniel Lauren is our rhythm guitarist, giving the band the fullness that we need. Using distortion and lots of other effects to give us a different sound, blending well with Alex's lead parts. Nicole Burnard Nicole is the drummer of the band, bringing in different beats and making sure we keep in time. IMAGES INFLUENCES DON BROCO YOUNG GUNS YOU ME AT SIX LOWER THAN ATLANTIS FALL OUT BOY THE KILLERS VIDEO INSPIRATIONS YOUNG GUNS - BONES DON BROCO - PRIORITIES TWIN ATLANTIC - TIME FOR YOU TO STAND UP PRESS RELEASE BUCKS FREE PRESS RECORDING LEFT BARE - SAVIOUR LIVE RECORDING SOCIAL SITES Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LeftBare Twitter https://twitter.com/LeftBare YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/LeftBare TARGET MARKET Being a mixed gender band gives us the oppotunity to appeal to females and males. This is also our unique selling point as nowadays, most rock bands consist of just males. Left Bare's target market would be 14+, females and males, fans of heavy rock/alternative rock. People who dress quite alternative and listen to a lot of music. Those who always liek to discover new bands and are always going to rock gigs/festivals. LYRICS Lyrics - Young Guns - Bones

Down under the night sky I lay in wait
Praying to whoever will listen to me.
I'd fashioned my own cross,
Been crushed by its weight.
There's no stronger message
Than dirt in your face.

I've seen down the end of the road
I deal in a different story, oh
I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I'll do this on my own, own, own, own, bones, bones, o-oh

They say the spirit's willing
But the flesh is always weak
I found everything I needed
Right beneath my skin, oh

I've seen down the end of the road
I deal in a different story, oh
I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I'll do this on my own.


We're all architects of our own private hell.
No one can hurt us like we've hurt ourselves.

I've seen down the end of the road
I deal in a different story, oh
I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I know I'm not alone (o-oh, bones, bones, o-oh, no) Left Bare - Bitter End Our song bitter end is about being stabbed in the back but still sticking around until you have nothing left because you care too much to leave. The inspiration from our song came from Young Guns - Bones. The main riffs sound similar and the structure is almost very similar too. Bitter End consists of intro, verse, verse two, chorus, verse, chorus, break down and then a chorus. Each song uses a basic four chord structure in the chorus and a melodic vocal line. Young Guns are a big inspiration to us. Bitter End riff.
G|--------------------------------------------------------------| x2
D|--0-0-0-------------0-0-0-------------------------------| Young Guns riff.
G|--------------------------------------------------------------| x2
D|--------------------------------------------------------------| MARKETING AND PROMOTION UNIQUE SELLING POINT AND DEMOGRAPHIC Our unique selling point is an all girls blues band. Rouge are quite well known in Buckinghamshire and are getting bigger and bigger each day. There are not many all girls blues bands in Bucks and this gave me and Nicole the upper hand. Rouge also has a big fan base, in which they pulled in a majority of our audience. Also The Running Guns pulled in some of the audience. Being an old school rock band appeals to a lot of people. If me and Nicole charged for tickets, we would have easily made profit from just these two bands.

The majority of our audience were quite young, between 18 and 25. A mixture of females and males, most of them were interested in discovering new local talent and/or just wanted a night out to enjoy some good music. This is what we expected as we both knew Rouge's fans are young and all into music. Most of them studying at the university in Buckinghamshire, so a night out is what they like best. MY MARKETING CAMPAIGN YouTube is a very popular site where users can upload videos with sound. Here Left Bare have the opportunity to upload songs that we've written/covered and people can watch them whenever they want. Gaining views allows us to become at the top of the page when people search a certain video. On YouTube we can gain 'Subscribers', once someone subscribes they then receive messages that we've uploaded a new video. YouTube can be bad because the amount of people that pst bad comments just to cause havoc. Facebook I use Facebook to promote our band and the event because the majority of the public use Facebook and it's just easier to invite all your friends on there. Using Facebook gives you the opportunity to gain a wider audience and maybe get people involved that you don't really know. It's the most popular social networking site, it can promote and advertise. Facebook is also good for tagging. You can tag your friends in statuses, photos and general posts. This allows friends of the people you've tagged to see the post too, gaining a wider audience. Twitter We use Twitter to promote our band, we have a few followers on there that we keep updated about upcoming gigs and things we are doing. Twitter is also a very popular social networking site. More people seem to be joinging it each and every day. Most musicians use Twitter to get fans as Twitter users can 're-tweet' a post, almost creating a chain.Twitter can also be bad when it comes to messaging users. If you have a lot of followers that want to talk to you, it's hard to keep up. YouTube ANALYSING A MARKETING CAMPAIGN ALTERNATOR GIGS http://www.alternatorgigs.co.uk/Alternator_Gigs/Welcome.html Welcome Page - As soon as you click on the link there is the Alternator logo and where they are based. Under this there are images and links to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Newsletter. Also there are posters of what show is coming up soon and what the next show is. This is good because you automatically see what's happening. Neil has also put videos next to the posters so you can watch and listen to the bands that are playing, giving you a little taster of what's to come. Events - On the events page there are all the events that Alternator gigs has planned. It contains all the information you need and links to each band page so you can check them out. Also has links to the Facebook events as Alternator creates regular pages to invite people. Also has information about booking fees and cheap tickets. People enjoy not having to pay much to go to a good gig, so this brings people in. Venues - Has all the information you need about the venues Alternator books at. Contains addresses to get there and how to get there. Gives detailed instructions for each type of transport. This is good because it lets people know that there are different ways to get there and easy ways to get there.
About Us - Tells you all about Alternator gigs, how it was founded, who they've booked, what their aims are for the near future. This is good because it gives the viewers an insight of what Alternator does as a company.
Contacts -
Please click here to read this blog before you contact us
Any queries? Please read our FAQ section here
Work Opportunities
Want to get involved? We have voluntary work experience positions available. View them and apply here.
Affiliation & Co-operation
Would you like to work alongside us? That’s great! We want to hear from you.
Contact us for sponsorship opportunities or if you would like to hire our services and bring one our Rock Club and/or Gig nights to your venue, or for any press enquires etc etc....
Tech / General Enquiries
Got a question about our events? Read our FAQ’s here
If you still can’t find the answer or can see a problem with our website then please email us.
If you find any problems with the site or things you think we can improve please do tell us - it helps us to make things better (if there’s something not great its probably because we aren’t aware that it can be done better so please do enlighten us!)"
Has all the information you need when wanting to contact Alternator Gigs, this is good because it shows they care about your opinion and want to get you involved.
Reviews - This is where you can read all of Alternators reviews on certain gigs. This is good because then people get a basic idea of what Alternator gigs are like and how well they do for themselves. MAJOR MUSIC PROJECT Roles of staff Promoters - To create a buzz and put themselves on the line to promote the gig using posters, flyers and social networking sites. Brings in a crowd, hopefully creating profit depending on how well it's promoted and put out there.
Sound engineer -To manage the sound desk at live events. Keeps sound at a consistent level. Sound engineer at Scorpios controlled all the sounds, he was free which was good because it meant that me and Nicole didn't have to worry about losing out on money.
Sound assistent - To assist the sound engineer with all on-stage technical requirements. A good back up option in case sound engineer is ill. Finn was our sound assistent, helping out with the sound and setting up. This was good because we didn't have to worry incase the sound guy got ill or something.
Stage manager - To coordinate sound checks, change overs and over see the technical setup. Keeps the whole event organised. Me and Nicole were our stage manager, making sure all bands were there on time for their sound check and actual perfomances and we also made sure the stage was set up correctly and safetly.
Backliners - Rig and de-rig, stage, sound and lights. The stage is set up and managed well. Finn and Becky Wixon from Rouge set up most of the stage, all mics and amps. Speakers and monitors were already set up.
Lighting engineer - To operate the lights at live events.
Keeps the visual effects exciting and entertaining, this is good because it gives the bands a good look and the lights can be controlled to go with the song. If the song was sad, you'd use very little lights.
Security/steward - Monitoring ticket holder safety at all times. Keeps the event safe and makes sure no fights are broken out to prevent any trouble.
Graphic designer - Designs flyers, posters, logos, banners and promotional materials. Graphic designers are important because they have to think about images that will appeal to the audience that the event manager is looking for, images that match the bands genre and the demographic. Keeps all the artwork to a professional level.
Filmographer - To film/shoot and edit promotional live music videos. To promote the event with any images they film. Can also record interviews, this is good for promotion and the bands.
Photographer - To shoot and edit promotional photographs of bands, audiences and crew at live music events and also posed shots. To promote the event with any images they take.
Journalist - To review the latest CD's of bands they are working with, review gigs and interview bands and artists at events. They can promote the gig to the local paper or radio etc, bringing in a bigger audience causing more profit and this also makes a name for ourselves.
Pit crew - Encourage the audience to feel comfortable and confident to join in. Get the crowd motivated which creates enjoyment.
Volunteer coordinator - Book all staff needed to work. Have the right staff needed for the event.
Market research - Design, implement and analyze market research both on and offline. To find the people you will most likely to appeal to. BUDGET Booking a venue can be free, most pubs or bars allow you to book the venue out with no charge just aslong as people buy drinks. Some venues charge around £200 for the night.
Staffing can depend on how old they are. 18 year olds get a minimum wage of £5.00 an hour. About 10-12 staff members will be needed, this will cost me £50.00-£60.00. Vulunteering staff would be cheaper and much easier as they are getting free experience.
Bands who played a 20 minute set are entitled to £30, bands who played a 30 minute set are entitled to £50.
All together my budget is £310-£320.
To break even I'd have to bring in a crowd of 64 people at £5 for a ticket. A lower price ticket will bring in more people as the event may no be well known and the reputation may not be big enough to charge more. GIG REVIEW My gig all went to plan. I think the venue had a big part in the success, as Scorpios Bar is based in High Wycombe, a well known area in Buckinghamshire. The bands and staff turned up on time for sound checks and all equiptment was set up correctly and safetly. Sound checks went smoothly and quicker than we thought. Nothing turned out terrible. At first there were not a lot of people there but once the night got going a lot of people turned up and Scorpios was packed with people. My performance could have been better, we messed up a few times but nothing major. Next time me and Hannah will have a few practises before the gig and make sure we areall set. The audience seemed to have enjoyed all bands, especially Rouge and The Running Guns. Me and Nicole could have improved the promotion a bit more. Print out more posters next time and hand them around town, in shops etc. Be more organised with the timing of creating the event on Facebook and telling people all the information they need. Create everything a few weeks before, giving people a chance to arrange to go. Possibly move the timings forward by an hour, as barely anyone showed up for the first two acts. Overall, I think it went well and maybe in the future I'd like to arrange another gig. EVENTS MANAGEMENT THE GIG The event - https://www.facebook.com/events/476142922457544/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Timings - 10-15 minute break between each act to set up
Left Bare - On at 8pm with a 20 minute set
Nick Wilson - On at 8:30 with a 25 minute set
The Running Guns - On at 9:10 with a 30 minute set
Rouge (Headliners) - On at 10pm with a 30 minute set

Venue - Scorpios bar in High Wycombe
Bands - Left Bare (acoustic), Nick Wilson, The Running Guns, Rouge
Risk assessment - 29th March, Friday 11:00am
Staff used.
Street team - Nicole, Kieran, me and Amelia.
Sound engineer - Max and other
Lighting engineer - Vance
Stage manager - Nicole and me
Backliners - Matt and others https://www.facebook.com/RougeGirls?fref=ts
https://www.facebook.com/LeftBare?fref=ts FACTORS OF THE SUCCESS Promotion - Spreads the word socially and gives people all the details they need for the event.
Poster - This was spread all around Facebook, our graphic designer made sure it was appealing to our target market and had all the information you needed to know about the event.
Facebook - Updated Facebook regularly to remind people about the event, this is good because some people forget or don't check Facebook, this is also bad because as a promoter you don't want to feel like you annoy people too much with constant updates. Also made an event with all details on.

Marketing - To establish who you are most likely to appeal to and how you will appeal to them. Creating a mailing list of names, meial adresses and any other information such as ethnicity, age and gender.
Mailing list - A mailing list was created at the event. This took down information about the people that came. It included names, age, email address and gender. This gave me and Nicole a basic idea about who came to our gig and who were are appealing to. So if we were to ever arrange another event we know who we'd appeal to, giving us the upper hand and hopefully creating profit.

Legal constraints - Safeguards the venue/bands/equipment/staff and the public from liability in case something was to happen. There must be a fire exit that is clearand all equipment has to be PAT tested.
Risk assessment - A risk assessment was taken on the 29th March 2013. Me and Nicole made sure everything was safe, we took notes on the possibilities of things that could happen, the hazards and our action taken to control the hazards.

Capacity of venue - A bigger capacity allows for more tickets to be sold, therefore creating a bigger profit but there is a downside to having an event that holds a big capacity. The event holder might not sell enough tickets to fill the venue, losing out on profit but on the other hand, having a smaller venue is just as bad. If you pack out the venue but have more people turn up than expected you will also lose out on money.
100 people - Scorpios Bar only holds about 100 people, if we were selling tickets this could have been bad because if we had drawn in a massive crowd people would have been turned away making us lose money.

Location - If it's accessible eg, near a train/bus station or a car park this will bring in a wider audience. Scorpios bar is right next to a train station and only a five minute walk from the bus station, this is easy for people near the area to get to.
High Wycombe - As I said before High Wycombe has everything you need. A train station, various buses to different areas, cheap taxis, resturants, shops, bars etc. This is good because it draws in a wider audience.

Sponsorship - Sponsors will promote the event and give your event a good image.
'High Wycombe gig guide' and 'Alternator Promotions' - It's good to have sponsers as these businesses could promote the event. If they are well known this can be good because then they can promote to a lot of people, hopefully convincing people to come to the event. FACTORS THAT DEFINE AN EVENT Bands - A music event needs bands to provide entertainment in order to draw in a crowd this is good because a bigger crowd means more profit.
Rouge - An all girls blues band, which is very rare in the music industry, they are local and reliable and reasonably well known, bringing in a big crowd.
The Running Guns - A mixture between The Beatles and Oasis, these guys are unique, well known in the Bucks area and are a local band, this brings in a local, big crowd.
Nick Wilson - An acoustic solo performer who is local and reliable, not so well known but still has a few fans.
Left Bare - A five piece band who are all about heavy music, playing a mixture of alternative rock and indie. Local and has a few fans that could get to the venue.

Venue - To provide safety, electricity and a place to host this is good because it makes the public feel safe and comfortable in an area that they might not know.
Scorpios - All fire exits are clear and easy to get to, the stage is big and all wires are taped down to prevent tripping over. All legal documents are up to date and all equiptment has been PAT tested, when buying alcohol people were asked for ID's to make sure they were 18+.

Staff - To make sure everything runs smoothly and all jobs get done this is good because it prevents any problems.
Promoter - Promoted the gig over Facebook, created an event and invited all friends to the event. Posted the event poster, time of gig, time of bands, where it is, a small biog, the date of the gig and updates.
Sound engineer - Managed the sound desk at Scorpios, mixed all the sounds together, made sure all the levels were correct for the performers, added certain Eq's and effects. Also had a sound assistant to help out and stand in when the sound engineer was otherwise occupied.
Stage manager - Organised when all bands had to sound check, be on stage and be off stage. This allowed bands to know when to arrive at the venue and when to perform.
Backliner - Helped set up all the equipment at Scorpios, making sure everything was working, plugged in the right places and handled properly. Then helped set down, making sure all equipment was packed away safely and neatly.
Graphic designer - Used Photoshop to create a professional looking poster with all the information needed. Using images, fonts and colours to create a poster that appeals to people of that genre.
Volunteer coordinator - Made sure all staff was booked and free for the 16th May, told and made sure they all knew their jobs before the gig, made sure they could turn up in time for soundchecks to set up.

Organisation - So people know details of the event and everything runs accordingly to plan this is good because it makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Me and Nicole - We made sure we both knew exactly what everyone was doing and at what time, sent out a big Facebook message to all the staff about all the details of the event and what each person needed to do.

Location - So people know where to go this is good because if you want to make your event a regular thing, it gives people a place to go to each time.
High Wycombe - In the heart of Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe is easy to get to and a well known place. Includes a train station, bus station, cheap cabs, many resturaants, various shops and places to stay if stranded.

Equipment - To provide appropriate means so that everyone attending can hear and enjoy the full experience of sound and visual effects this is good because the public won't get bored and leave.
Sound desk - PA system had 24 input channels, with Eq's and many effects. This was all set up ready for when we got there as Scorpios bar owned the PA. This is good because it means we could use it for free and they know what's being done.
Speakers - Speakers were also already there, one on each side of the stage to create a sound that the audience can hear perfectly.
Monitors - Monitors were set up so the bands could hear what they were playing. Each member could ask for a seperate mix in their monitors. For example Becky Wixon from Rouge wanted both guitars, vocals and bass.
Amps - Amps were provided by the headlinging act, Rouge. This consisted of a bass amp and two guitar amps. Vocals acoustic guitars were put through DI boxes
Drumkit - The drumkit was mic'ed up using two types of microphones. A dynamic microphone (E602/D112) was used for the bass drum. Clip on microphones were used for the rest of the drumkit (E604's). Using the correct microphone for each drum makes the whole drumkit sound good.
Instruments - Instruments were provided by all band members, drumkit, guitars/acoustic guitars and bass. Each member had different requiremets for their instruments, so it was easier that they supplied their own. Only one drumkit was used because it's a pain when it comes to swapping round drumkits. This saved a lot of time during soundchecks.
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