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Theories pf Factors Affecting Motivation

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Michael Chua

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Theories pf Factors Affecting Motivation

Facilitating Learning
Theories of Factors Affecting Motivation
- attribution theory
- self-efficacy theory
- self-determination & self-regulation theory
- goal theory
- choice theory
- Marlow's hierarchy of needs
Attribution Theory
This theory explains that we attribute our successes or failures or other events to several factors
Self-determination & Self- regulation theories
Students are more likely to be intrinsically motivated when they believe they can determine their learning goals and relate their learning
Choice Theory
Is a biological theory that suggests we are born with specific needs that we are genetically instructed to satisfy. All of our behavior represents our best attempt at any moment to satisfy our basic needs or genetic instructions
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Based on Maslow's theory a satisfied need is not a strong motivator but an unsatisfied need is
Self-efficacy Theory
Is the belief that one has the necessary capabilities to perform a task, fulfill role expectations, or meet a challenging situation successfully
Goal theory
desire to acquire additional knowledge or master new skills
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