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No description

Rachele Billie

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of UPTOWN


Settled in the nineteenth century
One of the densest and most ethnically diverse residential areas
Anchored the shopping district in early twentieth century in order to compete with the Loop
Essanay Studios made Uptown the heart of American film industry (1907-1917)
Luxury apartments and hotels
Housing crisis of WWII caused for a conversion into more profitable, smaller accommodations
Attracted the poor and many immigrants
Reputation described as "an area of diversity amid faded glory"
1980, residents of the northern half of Uptown renamed the area “Edgewater," halving Uptown's population
To the South of Loyola

Red Line stops: Argyle, Lawrence, and Wilson

North of Lake View, south of Edgewater, and east of Ravenswood

Area: 2,333 square miles

Population: 45,946

Median Age: 39

Male to Female ratio: 1:1

Many families with young children

Median Income: $44,879
Essanay Studios (1345 W Argyle St)
Former home of the silent film industry
Between 1907 and 1918, Essanay produced thousands of films
Featured stars such as Gloria Swanson, “Broncho Billy” Anderson, and Charlie Chaplin
Gabriel, Grace, Jessica, Natalia, & Rachele
Uptown Theater (4816 N Broadway St)
Dormant since 1981
Once known for holding music's most popular acts
America's largest movie palace
Graceland Cemetery (4001 N Clark St)
Over 150 years old
Burial grounds to some of Chicago's most illustrious movers and shakers including industrialist George Pullman, mayor Carter Harrison, and architect Louis Sullivan who is known as the "father of architecture"
Riviera Theater (4746 N Racine Ave)
Famous music and concert venue
Aragon Ballroom
Known as the Cheetah lounge from 1966-1968 under new ownership
Was a popular dance club
Now an entertainment venue
Two Active Theaters:
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