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Tiara Beazley

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Ballet

Pointe Shoes & Clothes
Class Time
Pointe shoes
-A pointe shoe is a type of shoe worn by ballet dancers when performing pointe work.
-Developed to appear weightless and seem like you are floating.
- They are normally worn by female dancers

What do you wear?
-Leotard and Stockings
-Hair in bun, and off your face.
-Flats, Demi-pointes, and Pointe shoes.
-Shows, depending on what you are.
-The purpose of the barre is to warm up your body.
-To prepare you for new movements that you will learn when you move up a grade.
-To stretch your limbs.
-To strengthen your muscles
-Consist of Port de bra, (carriage of the arms).
-Pirouette's, en dehors turning outwards toward the back leg, but can also be en dedans
-Adage, means "slowly".
-Allegor, Meaning brisk, lively.
- Dance was a
form of entertainment around the 17 century.
-The origins of ballet can be traced
back to the Renaissance period and the early court dances in
France and Italy.
-Any celebratory occasion, such as the birth of an heir or an influential marriage would call for social court

Early Court Dancer
Pre Romantic Era
-Previously, ballet was almost exclusively performed by males.
- It was during the pre-romantic era that ballerinas first started dancing on the very tips of their toes, or en pointe.
- First dancer to dance en pointe is the Italian Marie Taglioni, (1804-1884).
- In 1832 Marie Taglioni's father choreographed a ballet for her.
- La Sylphide

By Tiara Beazley
- The court dances became more detailed and complicated .
-Special dance instructors or “Ballet
Masters” began to appear.
- They also served as dance makers or choreographers, creating dances.
- King Louis XIV created ballet.
-In fact, King Louis XIV is commonly referred to as the Sun King.
-Le Ballet de la Nuit
(The Ballet of the Night)

King Louis XIV
Pointe Shoes
-The box is a hard enclosure within the front end of the shoe.
- The front end of the box is flattened so to form a platform which the dancer can balance.
-The box is typically made from tightly packed layers of paper and fabric that have been glued together
-When the glue dries, it becomes hard and provides the required stiffness.

-Strengthening your feet with exercises.
-Making sure your shoes fit perfectly.
-Sewing your ribbons.
-Breaking your shoes, the right way.
-How long do they last?
Your Pointe Shoes
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